Jewelry of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Lisa Vanderpump

Never to be outdone, reality television starlet Lisa Vanderpump gives us oodles of jewels each week on Bravo’s popular hit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With her British accent, tight and stylish dresses, and perfectly coifed hair, she looks like she takes hours of prepping each morning. But it’s really her jewelry collection that has everyone jealous. To mirror Vanderpump’s jewelry style, here are a few ways to look more Beverly Hills chic, darling:

Diamonds—As each cast member holds a (fake) diamond in the opener of each episode, these expensive stones represent the upper crest. To truly feel as though you’re part of the Beverly Hills’s upper echelon, you must own loads of diamonds. From thick diamond earrings to long diamond strands, you must be dripping with jewels at any occasion, even if it’s just a child’s birthday party.

Thick necklaces—You’ll notice Vanderpump draws attention to her neckline with big, thick necklaces—the more weight, the better. She always drowns her neckline in diamonds, gold and also varied colored stones. To Vanderpump, accessorizing is even more important than the actual clothes.

Big, dangling earrings—Not only does Vanderpump wear big, clunky necklaces, she almost always pairs them with earrings to match—and not just small earrings, very large ones that command attention. Look for powerful colors, whimsical designs,  and bright stones or diamonds in your earrings to match her bold style.

Cuffs—When you dress up wearing evening attire, Vanderpump sports diamond cuff bracelets. Usually three inches wide or longer, her wrists are never bare when she’s in fancier attire. Look for diamonds on the bracelet or even pearl strands to pair with that little black dress.

Watch—One often neglected part of any woman’s jewelry collection is the watch. Vanderpump will sport watch bands dripping in jewels as well. You can match the bands to your jewelry and make you look very rich, even if you’re not. It’s a quick way to add an element of sophistication to your look.

While we don’t all write a Beverly Hills’s zip code on our addresses, we can sure look like we belong in one of America’s richest cities by adding just a few items to our jewelry collection.

Kim Kardashian Jewelry Looks

The ubiquitous Kim Kardashian certainly is known for her style. With long, shiny locks, trendy and tight outfits, and fashion-forward jewelry, Kim is edgy and stylish all at the same time. While rarely going for classic looks, Kim stays on the threshold of fashion—which also goes the same for the jewelry she sports. If you’d like to copy her looks, here are a few tips:

Match your necklace to your earrings. Kim follows the current trend of thick, chunky necklaces that match the old Egyptian style of jewelry. She also pairs it with dangling earrings. You can copy this look by finding similar necklaces or pairing many together. You can match loads of gold and diamond necklaces at once to mirror this style. Then find matching earrings that are also thick and long. It’s a lot of jewelry to wear at once, but it’s very popular at the moment.

Wear lots of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings pair well with hair pulled back into a chic pony tail or bun. This works well for both casual and more formal occasions. It also matches well with turtlenecks and strapless dresses and gowns. They draw attention to your face, so just like Kim always does, make sure your cosmetics are flawless. Hoop earrings do wonders to keep a guy’s attention.

Wear lots of bracelets. This works well for more formal occasions. Kim follows the current trend of wearing several mis-matched bracelets at once. Look for ones with a lot of sparkle—this makes you look like you’re a woman of sophistication. Pair bracelets of various sizes, but keep them in the same color palette. This is good for bracelets with diamonds, just a small amount of color (black and white work best), and neutral tones.

Kim usually goes over the top with her jewelry choices, but that keeps the paparazzi flashing their bulbs in her direction. So if you want the same type of attention, just follow the tips above and you’ll have others salivate over your style.

Miley Cyrus Engagement Details

Miley Cirus Engagement Ring

We watched her grow from a child star on the Disney channel into a full fledged pop sensation.  Now we are going to follow Miley Cyrus on another life changing journey the journey into forever with her husband to be Liam Hemsworth.

The Ring Details

Cyrus has never been one to go with the flow and conform to the expected and her engagement ring to Liam Hensworth was no different. Miley’s ring is made of yellow gold which has not exactly been the metal of choice for most brides in the last several years. The trend is on the rise in Europe but has not yet made it to the States. The ring is 3.5 carats and features an antique diamond which dates back to the 19th century.  The yellow gold band is also decorated with filigree engravings. Cyrus who typically wears rose gold was happy with the surprise ring which was based on a ring that the couple saw online. She likes the fact that it is different and has an interesting story attached.

The Proposal Details

Liam surprised Cyrus after one of her online performances where she posts a series of backyard jam sessions for her fans. After Miley ended her show with one of his favorite songs, Liam surprised Miley with the ring and the proposal. After 3 years of dating, the couple is anxiously awaiting their big day and was excited to share the new with their family and friends. The engagement itself was a surprise to Cyrus and her parents both. She knew that they were in love, but was completely taken aback at the timing of the proposal.

The two are reported to be making it official in June of 2013 in Palm Springs. Miley is so excited about her upcoming nuptials that she even tweeted about the fact that she can not stop staring at the sparkle on her finger. For now, Miley and the world will just have to wait and see what Hemsworth has in store to accompany the amazing rock he chose for his future bride.

Angelina versus Jennifer: Whose Man did it best?

A year that saw multiple whirlwind romances also gave rise to one of the biggest wedding showdowns in recent memory. We are talking about the dueling weddings and dueling rings of Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie. Ever since Anniston and Pitt split in 2005 and details emerged that there were questions about the timing of the first Jolie/Pitt hook up, the three have been forever linked and their weddings will be no different.

The Rings

Naturally as soon as Anniston’s rep confirmed the engagement rumors the comparisons began.  Anniston’s ring is estimated to be between 8 or 9 carats while Jolie’s ring is said to be 16 carats. Both rings have an estimated value of $500,000. Can you say coincidence? Jennifer’s ring is an oval shape while Jolie’s ring is more of an oblong shape similar a square cut emerald. Just like their own fashion style, the rings could not be more different from one another.

The Proposal

For Jolie and Pitt, the family that proposes together stays together. Pitt proposed to Jolie on an April afternoon. Once the ring that Pitt personally designed was ready for viewing, he gathered all 6 children together and told Jolie that he had a little present for her. As she unwrapped the gift and realized what it was, the tears began to flow. After the ring was placed on her finger, she took time to show each child the ring individually. It was a joyous occasion for the entire family. Justin however kept things low key when he proposed to Jennifer Anniston on a Friday evening in New York. He presented her with her ring while the couple was celebrating his birthday dinner. After tearing up, the two quietly shared the news with their families. They released a simple statement that was in line with their low key attitude to life.

Whether you are Team Anniston or Team Jolie, one thing is for sure all eyes will be on the dueling brides to see who wore it best. The next face off will be the official rings and the dress and we can not wait.

Kelly Clarkson Engaged

The American Idol family has a little bit more to smile about this holiday season. One of their own is now spoken for. Former American Idol Kelly Clarkson is now engaged to her boyfriend Brandon Blackstock. However, she may have a surprising person to thank for the proposal. Blackstock manages country superstar Blake Shelton, and Black admits that he really gave Brandon a hard time about having not proposed to Kelly who according to Blake is,  “the best thing that ever happened to him.” That one line may have just earned Shelton a front row seat at the wedding of country royalty.

The couple may have been dating for only nine months, but Kelly has been very vocal about the fact that she intended to marry Blackstock. Blackstock is the stepson of country superstar Reba McEntire and Reba has said publicly that she could not be happier for the pair. However, she also tells fans to not be surprised if the public wedding that they are waiting for does not materialize. Kelly has also talked about the fact that she is more interested in the title of Mrs. Blackstock than of a large wedding. The two have even joked about eloping.

Blackstock worked tirelessly to create a stone that Kelly would instantly fall in love with. He focused on working with the jewel to create a ring that would showcase her love of the yellow diamond. Blackstock designed a 6 carat radiant cut canary diamond that is surrounded on all sides with a smaller row of diamonds. The canary yellow diamond sits on a band of white diamonds. Kelly has gone on record as having said that she was overwhelmed with emotion and actually cried at the proposal.

Kelly who had once thought that she may remain single forever now has a 6 carat reason to be thankful this New Year. As she and Blackstock begin to plan their life together and their wedding together, all we can do is wait and see what the matching piece to this canary yellow treasure will be.


Celebrity Engagements

2013 is shaping up to be the year of the celebrity wedding. The A-list stars that are set to say “I do” just keeps getting longer.

Kate Hudson Engaged

Even though there are wedding bells abounding, not all of the celebrity couples that were engaged this year are rushing to the alter to make it official. Kate Hudson has made it crystal clear that when it comes to marrying rocker Matthew Bellamy she will determine when the time is right. There are in no rush. At this time the two are enjoying time with their fourteen month old baby and settling in to parenthood. However, that doesn’t stop her from flaunting that platinum engagement ring with the emerald cut center stone with tapered baguettes on each side. The estimated price tag is $200,000.

Singer Brandy Engaged

Brandy joins the ranks of those who have a little something extra to be joyous about this season. This season she announced her engagement to music exec Ryan Press. The two made their relationship public around New Year’s last year and have spent the majority of this year getting to know one another and working on their relationship. This will be the first marriage for the singer whose full name is actually Brandy Norwood

Janet Jackson Engaged

A member of music royalty will take that all important walk down the aisle in 2013. Music legend Janet Jackson announced her recent engagement toDohabillionaire Wissam Al Mana. The singer is reportedly so nervous about losing the 15 carat diamond ring that she keeps it locked up for safe keeping. The couple plans to marry in the spring and give each of their 500 guests a $10,000 Rolex watch as a thank you for attending.

Kat Von D Engaged

Twitter has been a hot bed of information lately as more and more people are gravitating to the social media outlet as a means for wedding announcements. In December we found out from a tweet that Hugh Hefner who has been on again, off again is back on again. Now, Kat Von D and DJ Deadmau5 have made their own engagement announcement via twitter.

Deadmau5 whose real name is Joel Zimmerman worked feverously with the jewel to held design the hand crafted ring that he wanted to present to Von D. The result was a one of a kind, stunning black diamond engagement ring.

This is the third engagement for Von D who has twice previously been engaged to Sandra Bullocks ex Jesse James.

Kate Winslet Weds in Secret Ceremony

Hollywood has long been known as a trendsetter when it comes to how to throw the perfect wedding. As of late though it seems like there is a new more secretive trend emerging. More and more celebrities are tying the knot in secret ceremonies in an effort to preserve the intimacy of the moment for their friends and family. The newest member of the Secret Wedding Society is none other than the Titanic sensation herself, Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet must have been extra nice this year. She received a visit from St. Nick a little earlier than expected when she wed her boyfriend Ned RocknRoll. The nephew of Sir Richard Branson and the Titanic star made it official in a private ceremony earlier in December at a barn in New York State. The ceremony was an intimate affair that was not even revealed to the parents until after the fact. Kate was escorted down the aisle by Titanic costar Leonardo DiCaprio. Kate and Ned were very successful in keeping their planned nuptials a secret. They had been engaged since the summer and the news was never leaked to the public. The only kink in their secret plans was when speculations did arise when Ned was spotted leaving a London jewelry store, but the result of that trip was a vintage love locket that he later gave Winslet as a gift. The private ceremony was attended by a few close family and friends as well as Winslet’s two children from previous marriages. It is rumored that the two exchanged matching $250,000 wedding bands, but as of yet neither one of them has been seen sporting their respective bands.

Now that the secret is out, the couple can begin to relax and start enjoying wedded bliss. Friends and family alike are beginning to help the couple celebrate their wedded bliss with an outpouring of gifts for the couple. That bliss also includes one of the most unique wedding gifts in history. As a celebration of their union, Richard Branson gave Kate a ticket for a trip into outer space.

Celebrity Jewelry Trends Wedding

12/12/12 was the final date in this century with repeating numbers in the time stamp which makes it a popular choice for couples to choose to begin their life together. As with every other aspect of our lives, celebrity trends will serve as a large part of the festivities of the day. Some of the largest events of late have given rise to phenomenal wedding trends.

William and Kate Wedding

William and Kate

No discussion of celebrity weddings would be complete without looking at the biggest fairytale of the year: the wedding of William and Kate. Millions waited with bated breath to catch a glimpse of what the stylish future queen would choose as her jewelry of choice on her big day. The tiara she wore was lent to the blushing bride by Queen Elizabeth II. The tiara dates back to 1936 when it was given to the Queen by the then Duke of York. On Princess Elizabeth’s 18th birthday, the Queen Mother passed in on to her. Kate wore stylized oak leaf earrings that were a gift from her mother and were inspired by the Middleton family’s new Coat of Arms. Kate’s now infamous sister Pippa wore stunning floral diamond earrings that were chosen for their resemblance to her tiara. Queen Elizabeth rounded out the royal affair by donning a vintage brooch known as The True Lovers Knot that once belonged to Queen Mary.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman said “I do” in a quiet ceremony this year where she pledged her love to Benjamin Milliepied. Her choice in a wedding ring was a genuine reflection of all that is dear to her. The ring itself was made of recycled platinum and then surrounded by certified conflict-free diamonds. The two bands fit snugly on either side of her engagement ring and are a perfect match for Milliepied’s platinum wedding band.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore married Will Kopelman in a garden- inspired ceremony on a quiet afternoon inCalifornia. She chose to accent her dress with diamond and white gold earrings and a vintage black and white diamond cuff. Her choices were a great example of how well the unconventional choices can inspire a trend. The cuff is now the new must have accessory for brides around the world.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

These much anticipated nuptials definitely did not disappoint friends and fans alike. It all began with the beautiful engagement ring that Justin helped to create in order to surprise his bride to be. The ring itself reflected the personal touch that he was looking for by including aquamarine anchor stones which are Jessica’s birthstone. The final product was an 18 karat white gold and black rhodium plated ring that wowed the world. For her wedding bands, she chose to have four stackable wedding bands. There are two yellow gold bands that are an almost identical match to new hubby Justin Timberlake. The two remaining bands are white gold and black rhodium finish that are surrounded by diamonds.

Celebrity weddings are a favorite of fans around the world. They are a way for fans to share in the joy of their favorite celebs even if it is for just a brief moment. As we approach 2013 the only question left is whose joy will we share in the coming year?

The Newest Trend In Jewelry: Blackened Metal

Jennifer Lopez black hoop earings

For her Los Angeles premiere of This is It Jennifer Lopez hit the red carpet and demonstrated why she in renowned as a fashion icon in her own right. The diamond hoop earrings were an example of the trend in blackened metal that is sweeping the nation.

The latest trend has already leapt off the red carpet and landed squarely in the collection of women everywhere. The combination of the darker metals that are more often than not paired with darker diamonds is a refreshing change from some of the lighter stones that we have a tendency to gravitate to in the summer time. The emergence of darker weather means that it is time to follow suit with darker metals and darker stones that will properly contrast with the rich jewel tones of the outerwear and sweaters that are a necessity at this time of year. She looked flawless as she swept down the aisle with the diamond hoops glistening along the way. Jennifer is not the first celeb to rock the trend Taylor Swift and Jennifer Anniston are among the celebrities that are channeling the darker side this season.

The key to pulling this off with style and flair is to pair it with the right ensemble. The darker metal needs a lighter canvas on which to shine. In this case if you want to succeed with your trend interpretation, then pair your dark metal necklace and earrings with a ruby, emerald, or deep orange top. Those rich colors will add the perfect contrast to the dark metal necklace. The great thing about dark metal is that it can give you an edgy appearance that will draw attention to the pieces that you so carefully selected. This trend is definitely one for the ages and a must try for women of every style classification.


The Verdict is In and the It Color Goes to the Emerald

As we reflect back on the previous year and contemplate all that happened in 2012, those in the fashion world are already sting the stage for what’s going to trend in 2013. The fashion elite have been fast and furious in their efforts to ensure that we are able to keep our wardrobes on track and be ready with the right jewelry to boot.

Viola Davis at Oscars with drop emerald earrings

The verdict is in and the new it color is officially emerald green. For the 2012 Oscars, emerald earrings were a fashion must have. Though many tried, the one who wore them best was definitely Viola Davis Her emerald drop earrings that accompanied her flowing gown made her an instant best dressed nominee Emeralds always shine at the Oscars, their vibrant green color is a perfect contrast for the dark red carpet. If you couple that great contrast with the sparkling diamond accents that accompanied the jewels you have an automatic winning combination.

The trick to choosing the perfect emerald is simple. You first need to determine where you will be wearing your new piece the majority of the time. Your destination of choice will impact the style of earring that you will select. If you plan on wearing them in a formal setting, then opt for a drop earring that will lend itself well to being paired with an evening gown and an updo. If however, what you seek is options to wear for everyday use select a smaller piece that can be worn when your hair is worn up or down. Think along the lines of a single stone earring or a small cluster of emeralds. A smaller emerald earring will achieve the stylish look you are seeking without overwhelming the remainder of the look that you have created. Smaller stones are also appropriate in all settings which mean that you will also get a great deal of wear out of the stone, making them an even better investment. As for 2013, this year is the year of the emerald, won’t you join us?