Is Kutcher popping the question to Kunis?

Mila Kunis & Ashton KutcherIt seems like yet another Hollywood couple are moving on from parted relationships onto excitingly new grounds with current partners. Scarlett Johansson announced her engagement in early September, two years after her divorce from Ryan Reynolds. Which brings the question, is two years the golden rule for moving on? Well we’re pushed to think so as speculation about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis hit the tabloids a few days ago.

Kutcher’s still battling it out on the divorce grounds with soon to be ex-wife Demi Moore, a case which started in late 2011. He has been seeing Mila Kunis publicly since, who was pictured with a band like ring on her engagement finger last week. Although it is highly unlikely that Kutcher would propose without a diamond ring, rumors have sparked the media that an announcement of the couple’s engagement is expected soon. Well one thing is certainly expected next week, and that’s a finalisation of Kutcher and Moore’s divorce, setting the man free to seek his new engagements. Literally.

Going back to engagements which actually exist, Scarlett’s ring looked absolutely phenomenal at the Venice Film Festival in early september when she shocked us all with her engagement to Romain Dauriac only 9 months into their relationship. Her ring is a beautiful ArtDeco diamond ring with a large centre diamond, and two smaller ones on each side. It has a very classic look to it, which suited her elegant black dress perfectly.

To be fair, Kutcher and Kunis have been together for two years so an engagement wouldn’t strike as a surprising matter. Until something is set in stone, we’ll be twiddling our thumbs and making predictions of what sort of ring he’ll pick!

Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring

Kim Kardashian's Engagement Ring

Image Source Instagram

Doesn’t every girl wish for a giant diamond to stare back at her when her fiance to be opens that tiny box while saying the words “will you…”. Well every girl might not be able to get what they wish for, but Kim Kardashian certainly has, twice.

Kanye popped the question to Kim on Monday with a 15 carat cushion cut ring, surprising her on her 33rd birthday. Plans to meet for her birthday were not clear, as Kim and family were spotted boarding a plane in LA while Kanye was at the Hollywood Film awards in San Fran. It looks like Kim and family were headed to the private event at the AT&T Park Stadium, which was hired out by Kanye for the occasion.

So what’s it like to have a 15 carat diamond on your finger? Well the feeling is not too alien to Kim who’s now replaced her 16 carat emerald cut ring from Basketball star Kris Humphries,with the similar but different cushion cut ring from Kanye. The other ring was auctioned off on October 15th, just in time for Kanye’s engagement plans. Despite being a whole carat less than the ring Kim’s ex-husband proposed with, it is a D-Color stone which is an excellent quality diamond.

From Barkev’s, we wish the happy couple all the best in their wedding arrangements and married life after.

Tyson Ritter Engaged to Elena Satine

tyson-ritter-300For all of those fans who have fantasized about becoming the future Mrs. Of All-American Rejects front man Tyson Ritter, I hate to break the news but he is officially off the market. Earlier this month reps for Ritter confirmed the news that he is now engaged to marry MagicCity actress Elena Satine. Ritter who proposed on a rooftop gushed about how lucky he was and that the proposal brought him to tears, but luckily no one fell off the roof.

The couple first began dating after Ritter split from country music superstar Taylor Swift. After Ritter and Swift split, he reached out via twitter to Satine to get her attention. The couple then announced their engagement via twitter paying tribute to how the relationship first began as she uploaded a picture of her shiny new toy with the caption, the future Mrs. Ritter. The ring is a vintage halo setting with a round white center diamond that is then surrounded by more round white diamonds. There are pave stones on either side that add an even brighter element of sparkle to the ring.

The All-American rejects are a band that was first formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999. Their 2003 self-titled debut album catapulted the band into mainstream success and was eventually certified platinum. Over the span of their career, the All-American Rejects have now sold more than 10 million albums and received multiple musical accolades. They were ranked 73 0n the “Hot 100 Artists of the 2000’s” and 183 on the Billboard 200 Artists of the Decade List.

Former Little House on the Prairie Star Melissa Gilbert Weds Timothy Busfield

Melissa Gilbert’s Wedding to Timothy Busfield

We have watched Melissa Gilbert grow from a freckled face little girl playing one of history’s most beloved characters into a force to be reckoned in Hollywood. After a break from the spotlight, she recently burst back onto the scene by participating in a season of Dancing with the Stars.  Over the weekend Gilbert added another title to her resume, wife to former Thirtysomething star Timothy Busfield. Gilbert wore a red dress for her nuptials and carried a stunning bouquet with a mixture of red and white flowers.

The couple has known one another for more than 20 years due to the fact that they ran in many of the same circles. Their paths have crossed many times over the years and more recently those meetings have turned into something more. The couple got engaged over the holidays and it did not take long before the two were walking down the aisle to say “I do” at the famed San Ysirdo Ranch in Santa Barbara, California. The site has been the site for several other celebrity wedding festivities including that of Drew Barrymore and Hillary Duff. It was even the site of the honeymoon for John and Jackie Kennedy.

This will be the third marriage for both. Melissa was previously married to Bo Brinkman and Bruce Boxleitner. She has two children, one from each marriage. Busfiled has been married to Radha Delmarter and Jennifer Merwin and is a father of three. This time though friends and family have noticed a difference and feel like this marriage will be the one that lasts. The two were friends first and that will make a huge difference.

As of late the only photo that has surfaced is that of Melissa in a vibrant red gown. The public is still waiting for the all important peek at the wedding bling.

Alexis Bledel Finally Reveals Engagement Ring From Vincent Kartheiser


You may know her as the actress who played the mentally unstable mistress of Vincent Kartheiser on several episodes of Mad Men, but from now on Alexis Bledel will be known simply as Mrs. Vincent Kartheiser.

Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser attended the Golden Globes together in January and officially made their debut as a couple last October and now reps have confirmed that the couple is officially engaged to be married.. According to friends, the couple couldn’t be happier. Vincent had even hinted that he was interested in marriage last October during the wedding of David Cross and Amber Tamblyn.

While Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser may have gotten engaged in March, it was not until the last several days that the Mad Men alum actually flashed her bling for the world to see. The vintage inspired engagement ring made its first appearance on the red carpet for the premiere of Remembering Sunday in Century, California on Wednesday. The dazzling octagonal shaped diamond appears to be platinum and was the talk of the red carpet on Wednesday. The huge rock sits on a simple band and was one that Kartheiser picked out on his own for his bride to be.

Vincent has taken his role of perspective husband duties seriously and is actively involved in the wedding planning process. Alexis gushed about how excited she was that he wants to be such a large part of the big day, but admits that they have not quite begun nailing down the details.

This will be the first marriage for both, but Kartheiser did admit that in his effort to create the perfect moment for Bledel he did practice his proposal on his two of his Mad Men costars Elizabeth Moss and Jessica Pare.


Adam Jones Engaged

If you are a rocker who is a big fan of wrestling and has performed for the WWE you are presented with a unique opportunity when the time comes to pop the question, and tool guitarist Adam Jones took full advantage of the situation earlier this year when he proposed to his girlfriend Korin. The surprise proposal took place in front of surprised WWE fans as they awaited the start of the Royal Rumble Event at the end of January.

Though Adam’s musical interest began with a classical twist as he studied the violin, he quickly rejected the constraints of the classical world and gravitated to the world of guitar. Adam first moved to L.A. as part of a quest to hone his sketching and sculpting abilities. During the time he was also studying the art of makeup effects, he also decided to start a band to take up some of the rest of his free time. According to Jones the group never meant to become rock stars, they only wanted to perform music for the art of it. The rest is now music history. Along the way, Jones met his now girlfriend Korin which set the stage for an amazing proposal.

Right before the beginning of the Royal Rumble Jones arranged to have a personal message flash across the screen that read, “Korin, Adam Jones wants to ask you something…Will You Marry Me?” As the text flashed across the screen, Jones unveiled a ring as he awaited her response. The ring was a white gold slim band that featured a large solitaire stone that shined throughout the whole arena.  The entire moment was captured by the cameras waiting to shoot the WWe event including her answer of “Yes”, and the excited crowd sharing her excitement and chanting right along with her.

Gretchen Rossi Pops the Question to Longtime Boyfriend Slade

Gretchen Rossi engaged to Slate

If you have been a fan of the Real Housewives of Orange County for any length of time, then you are familiar with honorary housewife Slade Smiley who has been linked to no less than three members of the cast. This time though, he seems to have found the housewife for him and she finally put a ring on it. You read right she proposed to him. During a romantic proposal she presented her man with a black and gold diamond ring to seal the deal.

Over their four year relationship, we have watched the couple struggle with finding their way in the world. They have dealt with everything from his financial woes and rumors that he was an unfit parent due to his inability to make timely child support payments. Many of their Orange County cast mates had plenty not only about Slade’s financial troubles, but also about his tendency to limit his dating pool to those you are affiliated with the show. This season though, things have been on an uphill run for the couple. Slade has a successful career as a radio DJ and Gretchen’s beauty line is thriving. The storyline has now turned to whether or not the time has come for the couple to make their four year relationship official.

This proposal and reversal of roles probably does not come as a surprise to fans of the show since Gretchen has hinted on more than one occasion that she would not mind reversing the traditional roles when it comes to the proposal itself. Even tough she was the one doing the asking, she did not get the short end of the stick when it came to the bling department. Several days after her proposal, she received her own token of affection in the form of a 4 carat fancy yellow diamond.

The proposal itself will air on a future episode of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Patrick Stewart Engaged to Sunny Ozell

The captain is ready to complete his next mission. Patrick Stewart from Star Trek the Next Generation and X-Men fame is now ready to take the marital plunge for the third time. Stewart’s first marriage to Shelia Falconer lasted 24 years and ended in divorce in 1990.  In 1997, Stewart married Wendy Neuss who was a producer on Star Trek The Next Generation. That marriage ended in divorce 3 years later in 2000.  His fans are hoping that the third time will be a charm as Stewart gets ready to walk down the aisle again.

Stewart has been romantically linked to Ozell since 2007 shortly after Stewart split from British actress Lisa Dillon. The jazz singer and the science fiction legend had their first date with her coming to watch him in his performance of Macbeth where she then contemplated whether to meet him backstage or head for the hills. Having seen every episode of Star Trek is what lured her backstage knowing that beneath that performance lay a great man. For some time after the two maintained a long distance relationship as both pursued their own careers.

Ozell show off her oversized white gold diamond ring on twitter and the world was abuzz with the size of the stone. The solitaire was one that no one could take their eyes off of. Well done sir. However, the highlight of the ceremony for science fiction fans is the fact that the ceremony will be officiated by Stewart’s lifelong friend Sir Ian McKellen. It is rumored that the idea for McKellen to officiate the ceremony was Ozell’s. The pair has been friends for a lifetime and the couple could not imagine having anyone else standing with them on that special day. This will not be the first time that McKellen has officiated a ceremony. In a previous ceremony he joined a couple in a civil ceremony and wore a white gown that he bought in India stating that, you must not upstage the bride.”

Real Housewives Star Tamra Barney to Wed Co-star Boyfriend

Tamara and Eddie engaged

The Real Housewives of Orange County, the original series in what has now become a major franchise for Bravo, will celebrate another lavish wedding in the making. Tamra Barney has agreed to marry her boyfriend and current business partner Eddie Judge. Much of the current season of the Real Housewives this season has centered on whether or not Eddie is ready to set a date. Tamra assures everyone that there is definitely a wedding in her future and that the wedding will take place in June.

Viewers of the show watched Eddie whisk Tamra away on a romantic vacation, and create an elaborate proposal that involved opening a clam with a ring strategically placed inside. Tamra was overwhelmed at the unexpected

Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

proposal, but quickly overcame that emotion in time to flash her major bling. The ring itself came from Costco and is a halo cut diamond on a simple band. For the wedding, Tamra is having two eternity bands designed to fit on either side to complete her breathtaking ring.

Tamra who has long referred to herself as the hottest housewife and in keeping with that attitude has revealed that there will be at least three dresses required for her big day. She will of course have the dress for the ceremony, and then she will do a wardrobe change for a dinner/cocktail type hour and will finally change into a dress for her reception.

Though Tamra and Eddie are quite excited to share their big day with the world, there are rumors that the proposal was actually orchestrated by Bravo. Slade Smiley actually came out and said the network offered to provide he and longtime girlfriend Gretchen with an exotic location and a ring if he was willing to propose on the show. Very soon afterwards the world watched as Tamra and Eddie decided they were finally ready.

Christina Applegate Weds in Private Ceremony

Christina Applegate Martyn Lenoble engagement ring

We all fell in love with her as Kelly Bundy on the hit sitcom Married With Children. The blonde bombshell is now all grown up and has just celebrated her private marriage to longtime partner Martyn LeNoble.

While all of the who’s who in Hollywood was focused on the Oscars, the two took that as an opportunity to celebrate their love in a private ceremony. The wedding took place at the couple’s home in Los Angeles where they were surrounded by family and friends. In all, there were only eight guests at the wedding. The couple has been together for nearly four years and first became engaged on Valentine’s Day of 2010. A year later the couple celebrated the birth of their daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble.

Her new ring was created to be anything but a typical wedding ring. The idea was that the wedding band would fit perfectly with her engagement ring so the wedding ring was made just like a sleeve that would accompany the original ring. It is platinum and diamond inset with tiny little diamonds everywhere.

The two have been dating for over five years and Applegate credits her beau with saving her life after her double mastectomy. She has been quoted as saying that she had a small but mighty support system and that he was an incredible part of her life and that support system. At a time when there was a tremendous amount of loss in her life, he was an incredible help in her process. This will be the second marriage for both performers. Applegate divorced That Thing You Do’s Jonathon Schaech in 2007 after six years of marriage.