The Oscars Jewelry Fashion

For some the Oscars and awards shows in general are about who won what, but in recent years the Oscars and other red carpet events have also become about the over the top jewels that have dominated the red carpet. Celebrities and jewelers alike go above and beyond when it comes to selecting a piece that is red carpet worthy. Now, the name of the game becomes who comes wearing the most valuable jewels. Now, security guards guarding the jewels are as common as handbags and mani-cams on the red carpet.

Viola Davis Oscar Choices

For the 2012 Oscars, Viola Davis made a splash with her fashion choices. She chose a dress that made the entire red carpet green with envy. Davis opted for a natural hairstyle that highlighted her green and diamond drop earrings. Her dress was an emerald green mermaid style by Vera Wang that featured a pleated chiffon train. At the end of the day she may not have taken home the statue, but she definitely made one of the biggest statements of the evening.

Jennifer Lopez Chandelier Earrings

There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez is viewed as a true style icon of her generation. Nowhere is that more evident than when she steps out onto the red carpet. People look to her a symbol of style and grace, and seek to copy her every move. The latest trend that has been sparked by Jenny from the Block is an increased focus on styling the chandelier earring. No one will forget how she highlighted her earring choice with an off the shoulder gown that many described as pure perfection.

Halle Berry Red Diamond Bracelet 2002

Who can forget the amazing dress that Halle Berry donned for the Oscars in 2002. Berry wore a dark ruby Elie Saab dress with an embroidered net bodice and full taffeta skirt. To round out her look she chose a red diamond bracelet that mimicked the color of her dress. The overall look is still mentioned today anytime someone recaps the best of red carpet style.

Best Jewelry at the 2013 Oscars

The glitterati gathered together to celebrate the 85th annual Academy Awards and while the hot topic before the day of the ceremony may have been the new host, but in the days after the ceremony people have a new topic on their mind: the debate for who wore it best in terms of their jewelry selection.

Jennifer Aniston at Oscars 2013

Vintage Selections

One of those trends that never go out of style is the vintage look. That fact is true even as the fashion elite hit the red carpet. This year one of those stars that opted for a vintage look when they hit the red carpet was Jennifer Anniston. She chose three vintage diamond bracelets to compliment the flowing strapless red dress that she chose for the evening.

Elegant Designs

Mother to be Kim Kardashian chose an elegant approach for her red carpet look choosing an elegant ring design as her statement piece of the evening. The ring extended over two separate fingers and featured one three stone ring and a matching single stone on a separate finger. The ring was shown over and over under the mani-cam along with her deep red manicure.

Jennifer Lawrence and the Backwards Necklace

If anyone got tongues wagging this year on the Oscars Red Carpet it was Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway with their backwards necklace. Both women chose light colored gowns as a means of showcasing their out of the box jewelry selections. Lawrence chose a 74-carat diamond bead necklace that ended at her waist and looked even better going than coming. Anne Hathaway chose a slightly bolder option with a tassel inspired version that ended just below the shoulders.

With Oscar fashion, it is all about what list you end up on the next morning. These ladies demonstrated that they have all the right moves when it comes to landing on the best dressed list.

Your Guide on How to Select Eye Catching Earrings

Every woman wants to have that one moment where she enters the room and all conversations stop. They are looking for that moment when all eyes are on them and they know it.

Pink earrings

Barkev’s pink tourmaline earrings

One surefire way to turn that dream into a reality is to choose the perfect eye catching earring. Think along the lines of Hillary Scott at the 2012 Grammy’s. Her earrings were made up of 26 carats of pink quartz slices. The pink quartz was set in diamonds and pink sapphires in blackened 18 carat gold. So, the question becomes how do you go about selecting a piece like that which will stop the crowd in its tracks? First, look for a piece that has a great proportion. You need a piece that is balanced overall and that is also balanced with the hairstyle and ensemble that you are choosing to wear it with.  Pieces that capture attention are larger, longer statement pieces. Consider a chandelier style or a tear drop style to achieve the greatest impact. Next, look for a piece that has a standout color.  A great color will automatically draw attention. For Hillary Scott, the pink quartz truly made the piece a showstopper.

Ruby earrings

Barkev’s white gold diamond & rubellite earrings.

Rubies, emeralds, or sapphires are always a great choice for the stone in your statement piece. They are rich in color and pair well with multiple colors and styles in fashion. Then, find a piece that has a memorable accent. Look for pieces where your stone of choice is surrounded by diamonds or crystals for added impact. The glitter and glitz from the surrounding stones will work well in order to draw your eyes automatically to the jewels.

Finally, if you really want all eyes on you make the right hairstyle selection to show off your jewel of choice. Go for a high dramatic updo that will naturally draw attention to your earrings. Every woman deserves that moment where she feels like Cinderella. To get that once in a lifetime feeling, you must select the perfect statement piece and then rock it with confidence.

Make a Bold Statement with a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Barkev’s black diamond engagement ring

Color is back and yes, this even includes black. While colorless diamonds will forever be in style, women and men are expanding their jewelry collections to include black—the hottest new color in engagement rings.

Women are now more desirous of looking different—not wanting to conform to the norm. One way to do this is to step away from the traditional engagement ring of a centered, prong set colorless diamond. To do something more unconventional and make a bold statement, they are opting for black diamond engagement rings. They offer brilliance and something very unique with almost a vintage feel to them. It’s also popular to have a ring with smaller cut stones with more of a pave look than a centered stone. It’s original and will certainly make people remember the ring.

Men are also going the untraditional route and purchasing engagement rings with diamonds instead of simple bands. One trendy choice is to use black diamonds instead, which can look very masculine. They are very popular set against white gold or platinum. Because of the darker color, they contrast nicely with a lighter metal.

Black diamond engagement rings are also very dramatic; they offer a shine and brilliance unavailable in other colored stones. They also come in deep hues, which adds a new level of sophistication to a ring.

Black diamonds are very rare, however, and with increasing popularity, they also can be harder to find. If you are picky about cut and size, you’ll need to do your homework when looking for the right black diamond ring. But because of their rarity, you can be assured that black diamonds will hold their value for a long time and will be a priceless heirloom to be passed down to the next generation.

Most Expensive Pieces Worn to Golden Globes

We all watch the red carpet and drool over the exquisite pieces that most of us will never have the opportunity to wear. It is fun however to watch, wish and dream. So, sit back and drift off into dreamland as we countdown some of the most expensive pieces that have ever graced a red carpet.

1) Kelly Osbourne : this year the earrings that she wore were valued at $3 million (the price did not include the optional body guards that they came with)

Kelly Osbourne at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

2) Amy Adams: her diamond earrings and diamond bracelets are valued at $425,000 and if you choose to you can actually purchase those earrings.

3) Jackie Weaver: donned $3 million worth of diamonds for the occasion
4) Stacy Kiebler’s : rings and bracelets were valued at $600,000
5) Hayden Panettiere: her five piece set was valued at $500,000
6) Jessica Alba: her necklace was valued at $5.8 million

Jessica Alba and her 5.8 million dollar necklace.

7) Sophia Vergara: her 100 carats of diamonds were valued at $8 million.

Sofia Vergara at the Golden Globes 2013

You may be wondering what goes into selecting who wears what pieces and how they are transported to and from an event. The answer is fairly simple. Jewelry designers work in much the same way that a fashion designer works. The designer simply wants to hear their name on the red carpet. In order to achieve that goal, a designer must get their piece into the hands of an actor or actress that is either a nominee or a presenter. Those people will be the most sought after actors and actresses of the evening and will get the most television time. The next part of the evening is about the logistics of transporting the piece from one place to another. Depending on the value of the piece, some designers will require a paid escort the entire time that the nominee or presenter is wearing their piece.

For most of us we only wish and dream about a night like the Globes, but even if we never get our own personal red carpet we can still watch and dream along with the rest of the world. And that means the countdown to the Grammy’s is in full swing…

Kate Hudson’s Style

As the daughter of famous actress Goldie Hawn, it’s no surprise Kate Hudson is old Hollywood glam at its best. She epitomizes the beautiful style of the olden days when Hollywood was arguably at its most sophisticated. To copy her style, here are a few ways to do it:

Always wear a smile. When out and about town, Kate Hudson always has a smile on her face. The only exception is when she is acting, and even then, she seems to radiate with love and this rare sunshine. Try smiling more often and your face will radiate and glow.

Wear light jewelry. Because Kate is a blonde and has a natural golden tan, her jewelry follows suit. She typically wears more nude, white and yellows in her jewelry choices. She also favors big rings. You’ll find her fingers almost always have a fat ring. She leaves her neck fairly bare and focuses more on her fingers instead.

Add sunny locks. While Kate is probably a natural blonde, she adds in various highlights to add an extra glow to her mane. It brightens up her face and makes that smile stand out even more. Even if you aren’t a natural tow head, it’s possible to brighten up your look like Kate’s by just adding in a few highlights.

Match your clothes to your jewelry. Kate seems to favor more monochromatic looks by pairing jewelry to the exact same color as her dress. If she’s wearing yellow, she wears gold or canary diamonds. For white dresses, you’ll find her in white rings and white earrings or colorless diamonds. She doesn’t go overboard in her looks.

Play up your eyes. Kate has those small, beady eyes that she plays up and enhances with various eyeshadows. She isn’t afraid to try something new. Whether she uses purple eye shadow, silver or blue, she does it subtle enough that it’s not too dramatic or odd looking.

Kate is a rarity in Hollywood—she exudes happiness in a place where loneliness and narcissism roam.

Jewelry of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Lisa Vanderpump

Never to be outdone, reality television starlet Lisa Vanderpump gives us oodles of jewels each week on Bravo’s popular hit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With her British accent, tight and stylish dresses, and perfectly coifed hair, she looks like she takes hours of prepping each morning. But it’s really her jewelry collection that has everyone jealous. To mirror Vanderpump’s jewelry style, here are a few ways to look more Beverly Hills chic, darling:

Diamonds—As each cast member holds a (fake) diamond in the opener of each episode, these expensive stones represent the upper crest. To truly feel as though you’re part of the Beverly Hills’s upper echelon, you must own loads of diamonds. From thick diamond earrings to long diamond strands, you must be dripping with jewels at any occasion, even if it’s just a child’s birthday party.

Thick necklaces—You’ll notice Vanderpump draws attention to her neckline with big, thick necklaces—the more weight, the better. She always drowns her neckline in diamonds, gold and also varied colored stones. To Vanderpump, accessorizing is even more important than the actual clothes.

Big, dangling earrings—Not only does Vanderpump wear big, clunky necklaces, she almost always pairs them with earrings to match—and not just small earrings, very large ones that command attention. Look for powerful colors, whimsical designs,  and bright stones or diamonds in your earrings to match her bold style.

Cuffs—When you dress up wearing evening attire, Vanderpump sports diamond cuff bracelets. Usually three inches wide or longer, her wrists are never bare when she’s in fancier attire. Look for diamonds on the bracelet or even pearl strands to pair with that little black dress.

Watch—One often neglected part of any woman’s jewelry collection is the watch. Vanderpump will sport watch bands dripping in jewels as well. You can match the bands to your jewelry and make you look very rich, even if you’re not. It’s a quick way to add an element of sophistication to your look.

While we don’t all write a Beverly Hills’s zip code on our addresses, we can sure look like we belong in one of America’s richest cities by adding just a few items to our jewelry collection.

Kim Kardashian Jewelry Looks

The ubiquitous Kim Kardashian certainly is known for her style. With long, shiny locks, trendy and tight outfits, and fashion-forward jewelry, Kim is edgy and stylish all at the same time. While rarely going for classic looks, Kim stays on the threshold of fashion—which also goes the same for the jewelry she sports. If you’d like to copy her looks, here are a few tips:

Match your necklace to your earrings. Kim follows the current trend of thick, chunky necklaces that match the old Egyptian style of jewelry. She also pairs it with dangling earrings. You can copy this look by finding similar necklaces or pairing many together. You can match loads of gold and diamond necklaces at once to mirror this style. Then find matching earrings that are also thick and long. It’s a lot of jewelry to wear at once, but it’s very popular at the moment.

Wear lots of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings pair well with hair pulled back into a chic pony tail or bun. This works well for both casual and more formal occasions. It also matches well with turtlenecks and strapless dresses and gowns. They draw attention to your face, so just like Kim always does, make sure your cosmetics are flawless. Hoop earrings do wonders to keep a guy’s attention.

Wear lots of bracelets. This works well for more formal occasions. Kim follows the current trend of wearing several mis-matched bracelets at once. Look for ones with a lot of sparkle—this makes you look like you’re a woman of sophistication. Pair bracelets of various sizes, but keep them in the same color palette. This is good for bracelets with diamonds, just a small amount of color (black and white work best), and neutral tones.

Kim usually goes over the top with her jewelry choices, but that keeps the paparazzi flashing their bulbs in her direction. So if you want the same type of attention, just follow the tips above and you’ll have others salivate over your style.

Miley Cyrus Engagement Details

Miley Cirus Engagement Ring

We watched her grow from a child star on the Disney channel into a full fledged pop sensation.  Now we are going to follow Miley Cyrus on another life changing journey the journey into forever with her husband to be Liam Hemsworth.

The Ring Details

Cyrus has never been one to go with the flow and conform to the expected and her engagement ring to Liam Hensworth was no different. Miley’s ring is made of yellow gold which has not exactly been the metal of choice for most brides in the last several years. The trend is on the rise in Europe but has not yet made it to the States. The ring is 3.5 carats and features an antique diamond which dates back to the 19th century.  The yellow gold band is also decorated with filigree engravings. Cyrus who typically wears rose gold was happy with the surprise ring which was based on a ring that the couple saw online. She likes the fact that it is different and has an interesting story attached.

The Proposal Details

Liam surprised Cyrus after one of her online performances where she posts a series of backyard jam sessions for her fans. After Miley ended her show with one of his favorite songs, Liam surprised Miley with the ring and the proposal. After 3 years of dating, the couple is anxiously awaiting their big day and was excited to share the new with their family and friends. The engagement itself was a surprise to Cyrus and her parents both. She knew that they were in love, but was completely taken aback at the timing of the proposal.

The two are reported to be making it official in June of 2013 in Palm Springs. Miley is so excited about her upcoming nuptials that she even tweeted about the fact that she can not stop staring at the sparkle on her finger. For now, Miley and the world will just have to wait and see what Hemsworth has in store to accompany the amazing rock he chose for his future bride.