How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

The purchase of a diamond is a significant investment so it is important to understand what it takes to make the perfect diamond selection. There are several important factors to consider as you make your perfect selection and in the diamond world those considerations are often referred to as the 4 C’s. As you begin your diamond selection process you must examine the carat weight, the cut, the clarity, and the color of the diamonds that you are considering.

Carat weight is a term that you have most likely heard before. Carat weight refers to the size of the diamond and is calculated by placing the diamond on the scale and measuring it. In turn the greater the weight of the diamond, the greater the cost will be.

After carat the next consideration in the 4 C’s is the cut of the diamond. The cut is arguably the most important factor to consider because the cut of the diamond will determine 98 percent of the sparkle and life of the diamond.

Next, examine the color of the diamond that you are considering. When it comes to diamond color, most diamonds will have a hint of yellow or brown as part of their natural creation process. Although cut may be the most important factor to consider during the selection process, it is not the characteristic that will result in the greatest impact in the price of the diamond.

Clarity is the characteristic that will have the greatest impact on price. The clarity of the diamond is a symbol of the purity of the stone. The more perfect the stone, the greater the value.

During the diamond buying process, you may also hear the jeweler refer to the grade of the diamond that you are considering. The grade of the diamond is based on the placement, size, type, and quantity of the inclusions of any given diamond. It is recommended that if you are buying a diamond over one carat that it be accompanied by an independent grading report your personal records. Choosing the perfect diamond is about knowing how to navigate the 4 C’s. Once you have that knowledge the rest of the love story is up to you.

Make sure any diamond you buy has a certificate. Examine the certificate to get an idea of your diamond's strengths and weaknesses

Diamond Prices

If you’re like most people, when you’re shopping for a diamond, price is a concern. Diamond prices can be steep, with opulent diamond rings easily surpassing the $100,000 mark. The process of determining the price of a diamond is a complicated one, and knowing what factors affect the price can help you find the best diamond for your price range and also prevent you from paying too much.

The Four Cs

Every diamond is unique, and many factors influence a diamond’s price. The Four C’s play a role in determining a diamond’s value. The Four C’s include diamond cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Diamonds generally cost more when they have a higher carat amount. Diamonds with a high degree of clarity – or few to no inclusions or flaws – are also more expensive. Diamonds that have the best cuts show off more sparkle. There are many types of cuts and a cut that makes one diamond shine may not do as much for another diamond, so there is no set description of the best cuts. Color is important. For white diamonds, the clearest stones are the most valued. For fancy diamonds, the most intense colors are desirable.


A diamond certificate, or grading report, is important in helping determine a diamond’s cost. The report is performed by an independent gemologist and will include a detailed analysis of the diamond, including individual marks and identifying characteristics. A certificate allows you to see an unbiased description of the diamond and can help you determine if the price is fair.