I will be your witness

Barkev’s Solitaire Engagement Rings

“We need a witness to our lives. There’s a billion people on the planet… I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you’re promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things… all of it, all of the time, every day. You’re saying ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness’.”

–Shall We Dance

Marriage is a commitment to be a witness to your lover‘s life. This promise is lifelong and must be valued above all other vows. When you say “I do”, you are dedicating yourself to their happiness and well being. As you consider taking these steps, it’s important to be aware of the magnitude of the union you are joining. You are responsible to another human being. You have made a commitment to cherish and love them, respect and support them.

With great work comes great reward. Although you must become selfless in the serving of your spouse, the satisfaction of loving another is so great that it supersedes all challenges. Having a companion that cares about every aspect of your life and invests in your dreams gives you the necessary stability to try new things and live fully. Love gives your life a great meaning and importance. You are now living for something bigger than yourself, giving you a great, indescribable joy.

A symbol of this promise should properly reflect it’s importance and beauty. The wedding ring is a tangible image of the one of a kind love two people share. When people see your left hand, they know you belong to another. The wedding ring tells a story, giving the world a glimpse of the bond between you and your spouse.

Each couple is unique and has different attributes that should be highlighted. Wedding rings tell a lot about personal style and attitudes towards love and marriage.

For the traditional woman: A solitary diamond engagement ring will perfectly display simplistic and classic attitudes about love. Pick a traditionally cut stone, such as a circle diamond. For added glamour, pick a style with a diamond encrusted band.

For the modern bride: A high profile, colored diamond is the perfect match, showcasing a playful and fancy style. Yellow and pink diamonds are becoming exceedingly popular. Choose a white gold band to really play up the brilliant hue.

For the sentimental heart: Choose a three stone ring to represent the past, present and future of your relationship. This style is for the couple who has been through everything together, and treasures the consistency of their loved one.

For the hopeless romantic: Vintage style rings are the perfect way to say “I do”. This timeless piece is ideal for lasting love. The old world charm captivates the romantic heart and tells the world your love is one for the storybooks.

Choosing a piece that tells your story gives your ring meaning and value. Marriage is a brilliant promise that deserves to be represented in an equally shining style. Show your love you know her heart with a personally selected diamond wedding ring.

Angelina versus Jennifer: Whose Man did it best?

A year that saw multiple whirlwind romances also gave rise to one of the biggest wedding showdowns in recent memory. We are talking about the dueling weddings and dueling rings of Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie. Ever since Anniston and Pitt split in 2005 and details emerged that there were questions about the timing of the first Jolie/Pitt hook up, the three have been forever linked and their weddings will be no different.

The Rings

Naturally as soon as Anniston’s rep confirmed the engagement rumors the comparisons began.  Anniston’s ring is estimated to be between 8 or 9 carats while Jolie’s ring is said to be 16 carats. Both rings have an estimated value of $500,000. Can you say coincidence? Jennifer’s ring is an oval shape while Jolie’s ring is more of an oblong shape similar a square cut emerald. Just like their own fashion style, the rings could not be more different from one another.

The Proposal

For Jolie and Pitt, the family that proposes together stays together. Pitt proposed to Jolie on an April afternoon. Once the ring that Pitt personally designed was ready for viewing, he gathered all 6 children together and told Jolie that he had a little present for her. As she unwrapped the gift and realized what it was, the tears began to flow. After the ring was placed on her finger, she took time to show each child the ring individually. It was a joyous occasion for the entire family. Justin however kept things low key when he proposed to Jennifer Anniston on a Friday evening in New York. He presented her with her ring while the couple was celebrating his birthday dinner. After tearing up, the two quietly shared the news with their families. They released a simple statement that was in line with their low key attitude to life.

Whether you are Team Anniston or Team Jolie, one thing is for sure all eyes will be on the dueling brides to see who wore it best. The next face off will be the official rings and the dress and we can not wait.

Kelly Clarkson Engaged

The American Idol family has a little bit more to smile about this holiday season. One of their own is now spoken for. Former American Idol Kelly Clarkson is now engaged to her boyfriend Brandon Blackstock. However, she may have a surprising person to thank for the proposal. Blackstock manages country superstar Blake Shelton, and Black admits that he really gave Brandon a hard time about having not proposed to Kelly who according to Blake is,  “the best thing that ever happened to him.” That one line may have just earned Shelton a front row seat at the wedding of country royalty.

The couple may have been dating for only nine months, but Kelly has been very vocal about the fact that she intended to marry Blackstock. Blackstock is the stepson of country superstar Reba McEntire and Reba has said publicly that she could not be happier for the pair. However, she also tells fans to not be surprised if the public wedding that they are waiting for does not materialize. Kelly has also talked about the fact that she is more interested in the title of Mrs. Blackstock than of a large wedding. The two have even joked about eloping.

Blackstock worked tirelessly to create a stone that Kelly would instantly fall in love with. He focused on working with the jewel to create a ring that would showcase her love of the yellow diamond. Blackstock designed a 6 carat radiant cut canary diamond that is surrounded on all sides with a smaller row of diamonds. The canary yellow diamond sits on a band of white diamonds. Kelly has gone on record as having said that she was overwhelmed with emotion and actually cried at the proposal.

Kelly who had once thought that she may remain single forever now has a 6 carat reason to be thankful this New Year. As she and Blackstock begin to plan their life together and their wedding together, all we can do is wait and see what the matching piece to this canary yellow treasure will be.


Kate Winslet Weds in Secret Ceremony

Hollywood has long been known as a trendsetter when it comes to how to throw the perfect wedding. As of late though it seems like there is a new more secretive trend emerging. More and more celebrities are tying the knot in secret ceremonies in an effort to preserve the intimacy of the moment for their friends and family. The newest member of the Secret Wedding Society is none other than the Titanic sensation herself, Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet must have been extra nice this year. She received a visit from St. Nick a little earlier than expected when she wed her boyfriend Ned RocknRoll. The nephew of Sir Richard Branson and the Titanic star made it official in a private ceremony earlier in December at a barn in New York State. The ceremony was an intimate affair that was not even revealed to the parents until after the fact. Kate was escorted down the aisle by Titanic costar Leonardo DiCaprio. Kate and Ned were very successful in keeping their planned nuptials a secret. They had been engaged since the summer and the news was never leaked to the public. The only kink in their secret plans was when speculations did arise when Ned was spotted leaving a London jewelry store, but the result of that trip was a vintage love locket that he later gave Winslet as a gift. The private ceremony was attended by a few close family and friends as well as Winslet’s two children from previous marriages. It is rumored that the two exchanged matching $250,000 wedding bands, but as of yet neither one of them has been seen sporting their respective bands.

Now that the secret is out, the couple can begin to relax and start enjoying wedded bliss. Friends and family alike are beginning to help the couple celebrate their wedded bliss with an outpouring of gifts for the couple. That bliss also includes one of the most unique wedding gifts in history. As a celebration of their union, Richard Branson gave Kate a ticket for a trip into outer space.

The Allure of Black Diamonds

For someone who loves diamonds but wants to stand out in a crowd, black diamonds are a great choice. Not only are they do they create an exciting sultry look, they are rare and elegant. Black diamonds are a great choice for all types of jewelry for both men and women alike.

There is no doubt that the black diamond has some mystery and allure to it, making it even more desirable in jewelry

The black diamond is also known as “Carbonado,” and it has a polycrystalline structure that causes it to sparkle. It is primarily found in Brazil and Central Africa. Black diamonds have traces of nitrogen and carbon in their structure, probing some people to question their origin. There is no doubt that the black diamond has some mystery and allure to it, making it even more desirable in jewelry. Its colors range from dark gray to deep black.

Black diamond jewelry is extremely versatile because it can be part of a casual outfit as well as a dressy ensemble. Black diamonds look great with a cocktail dress, business suit, or even jeans and a sweater. Because they have slightly less sparkle than a while diamond, black diamonds are perfect for men’s jewelry. In fact, many men have them as part of their wedding band designs. Black diamonds can create a masculine look that is incomparable to white diamonds.

Virtually any type of jewelry pieces become sensational with the addition of black diamonds. Perhaps one of the most interesting and gorgeous ideas is the black diamond engagement ring. Why go for a traditional white diamond like everyone else? A woman will surely stand and get noticed when she has a gorgeous black diamond solitaire ring on her left hand. A man and a woman can get matching black diamond wedding rings for a timeless and creative look.

Black diamonds look absolutely stunning when they are paired with other colored diamonds and gems in jewelry. The possibilities are rather endless when it comes to all of the combinations. Imagine a white gold ring with a black diamond round solitaire hugged by white diamonds, rubies, or sapphires. Or picture a platinum pendant with black diamonds and canary yellow diamonds. Stunning pieces of jewelry can be created with the addition of luscious black diamonds.

Top Three Most Expensive Engagement Rings

One of the most important events in your life is getting engaged and the first thing you may think about is the diamond engagement ring. Proposing to your loved one may be the most exciting (and possibly nerve-racking) moment of your life, and the diamond engagement ring will make the moment even more special. This is why it should always be of the highest quality diamond and made with precious stones, like the diamond, and metals, for example, gold and silver. Listed below are three of the priciest diamond engagement rings worldwide.

#3 – House of Taylor’s Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

$1.3 million

House of Taylor’s oval-shaped diamond engagement ring falls in as the third most expensive diamond engagement ring worldwide. This diamond engagement elegant ring features an oval white diamond, shaped like a flower that is 5.98 carats, also the white diamonds around it measure in at 3.96 carats, which gives the appearance of a flower made out of diamonds. Its elegance also means a very hefty price tag, costing over a million dollars.

#2 – Tiffany Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

$1.465 million

The runner-up for the world’s priciest engagement ring is made by Tiffany. It is the oval diamond engagement ring, which has a wallet-busting price tag of nearly 1.5 million dollars. Price aside, this diamond engagement ring scream elegance and attractiveness and come in two shapes, oval and square pillow shape. Both are set in platinum.

The piece is available for $1.465 million, featuring an oval diamond set in platinum. The diamond is 14.79 carats. There is a less expensive version of the ring that sell for under a million dollars ($800,000), which features a square cushion diamond engagement ring set in platinum at 12.03 carats.

The most expensive diamond engagement ring in the world.

#1 – De Beers Round Brilliant Platinum

$1.83 million

At last we’ve reached the most expensive engagement ring in the world, which is the round brilliant platinum by De Beers. This diamond engagement ring has the most desired grade on the diamond color scale, D-grade. It has an elegant appearance and is very beautiful, featuring a 9 carat round diamond set in platinum.

Antique Diamonds Becomes all the Rage

Today, many pieces of diamond jewelry are impersonal and unoriginal but that is not the case when you opt to use an antique diamond in your diamond engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry for that fact. Many celebrities today are either selecting antique diamonds or antique diamond styles for their diamond engagement rings. This includes leading ladies like Catherine Zeta Jones and Natalie Portman.

Choosing an Antique Diamond Engagement Ring to Celebrate Your Marriage

One of the most important moments of one’s life is marriage, which begins with a stunning diamond engagement ring. A diamond engagement ring is one of the most celebrated pieces of jewelry you will ever receive. Unlike ordinary jewelry, engagement rings are designed to be unique and original pieces that are eternal – it represents perfectly that special union of couples. That is why so many couples are opting to use a unique diamond in their engagement ring.

Fabulous Barkev’s antique three stone engagement ring

In many antique diamonds the natural beauty of the stone is able to shine through. The inspiration comes from the natural beauty that originates from the limitless variations. The unique and creative designs of antique diamond jewelry come in a wide variety of settings, including the halo setting, solitaries, three stone, and five stone rings.

When selecting an antique diamond engagement ring you can also use other types of gems, which include rubies, emeralds, sapphires, golden beryls, and garnets.

Modern & Antique Diamonds and Brilliant Gemstones

Antique diamond engagement rings feature some of the most beautiful and elegant diamonds and gemstones in the world. However, if you feel that an authentic antique diamond engagement ring is beyond your budget, you can also select a diamond that has been cut to look like it is an antique diamond.

No matter the cut, be it round, princess, emerald, pear shaped or even heart shaped, every color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of diamond is available in an antique diamond engagement ring. By adding colorful gems that include sapphires, emeralds, and rubies to your ring, you will definitely have a one of a kind piece.

2012 Emmy Awards – Winning Celebrity Jewelry Styles

If you watched the 2012 Emmys you know that there was certainly some impressive celebrity jewelry pieces selected for the event. Here are just a few different jewelry pieces that were literally jaw dropping. Everything from sparkling drop earrings to stunning pink diamonds and everything in between could be spotted being worn by these lovely ladies at this exciting event.

Nicole Kidman

The always beautiful Nicole Kidman did not disappoint with her jewelry selections this year. She chose a stunning pair of jewel drop earrings with pave diamonds in a platinum setting. You really don’t need anything else when you make a selection such as these.

Jennifer Westfeldt, who we know from Children’s Hospital, made a beautiful diamond and platinum ring choice this year. The diamond ring featured a large center stone in a cushion cut surrounded by smaller pave diamonds in a platinum setting. It definitely did not skimp on the size or color as it had a spectacular sparkle to it.

Julia Louis-Dryfus selected a beautiful set of turquoise earrings and matching ring to compliment her stunning Vera Wang burgundy colored gown. The turquoise drop earrings featuring 18k white gold with an opal center and rose cut diamonds surrounding it with pave hooks. The ring also featured 18k rose gold with a opal center and rose cut diamonds surrounding it.

Zooey Deschanel, known from New Girl, selected a very sweet piece that we won’t forget anytime soon. She selected a fancy pink marquise diamond ring with 18 carat white and rose gold.  This was absolutely a stunning choice for the evening that complimented her beautiful designer dress to perfection.

This was definitely a winning year when it came to the celebrity jewelry selections. It was definitely a year where most stars selected one signature piece to play off and it certainly worked for them.

Sofia Vegara’s Fabulous Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Sofia Vegara’s 7 carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring up close!

Hollywood is celebrating another exciting engagement between Sofia Vegara and businessman, Nick Loeb, and the leading lady has not stopped showing off her diamond engagement ring since. On August 31, 2012 Ms. Vegara confirmed the engagement. The engagement reportedly happened at the star’s 40th birthday celebration in front of her family and friends in Mexico.

Known for her role in “Modern Family”, a popular television show, Ms. Sofia Vegara’s stunning diamond engagement ring supposedly features a 7 carat diamond. The cushion cut diamond also has two smaller diamonds nestled beautifully on each side. The three stone combination creates quite the look – one of elegance and beauty.  With not a lot of details released regarding the ring, it appears to be in a platinum or white gold setting.

Sofia Vegara’s Latest Appearance at the 2012 Emmy’s

 Since Sofial’s engagement, she has not stopped showing off her stunning ring. Her latest appearance at the 2012 Emmy’s was no exception. The cushion cut diamond engagement ring proved to be the perfect accessory for her emerald Zuhair Murrand mermaid silhouette gown.

The Cushion Cut vs. the Princess Cut Diamond

The cushion cut and the princess cut diamond are often confused with one another because of their similar shape. The princess cut diamond is the second most popular diamond. It is actually second only to the round brilliant cut diamond. The princess cut diamond is most commonly square in shape but can also be rectangular as well. The face-up shape as well as the profile of this cut is very similar to a pyramid that has been inverted. Its four sides are also beveled.

The cushion cut diamond is actually an antique cut. It was commonly used in the 19th and 20th century. It is square in shape with round corners. This particular cut is not known for its brilliance like the other modern cuts. However, with the popularity of the vintage look right now this is a very popular diamond cut and is very romantic.

Kate Bosworth Confirms Engagement with Picture off Diamond Engagement Ring

Kate Bosworth featuring her square-cut diamond engagement ring

Kate Bosworth, 29, recently confirmed her engagement to Michael Polish, 41, on Twitter with a beautiful picture taken by her now fiancé featuring her stunning diamond engagement ring.

Details of Engagement Confirmation

There had been a great deal of speculation about the couple’s future wedding

plans in August  2012 after Kate dropped several hints that the engagement may have taken place. But, finally, on September 4, 2012, the actress confirmed the engagement between herself and her director boyfriend, Michael Polish.Kate confirmed that they had indeed gotten engaged after over a year of dating on another. Kate reportedly commented on her photo featuring her diamond engagement ring by tweeting the following, “This photo was taken by my husband-to-be!” Kate went on to write,  “Thank you for all the wonderful engagement wishes…We feel truly blessed.”

The Details of the Diamond Engagement Ring So Far

Although all of the details of the ring have not been released it looks like the square cut diamond may be a princess cut and appears to be a solitaire diamond on a plain band that is either platinum or white gold.

The square cute solitaire diamond engagement ring has a very classic look to it. And although the diamond has some size to it, we are still unsure of how many carats it actually is. It also appears to be crystal clear in color.

Kate’s fiancé chose a go with a simple yet very elegant look, which compliments Ms. Bosworth’s look perfectly. Kate has been spotted several times since the engagement announcement and has not hesitated to show the stunning diamond engagement ring off.

The happy couple reportedly met on the Big Sur set and they were first seen together in public in August of 2011 in Los Angeles as they attended a Coldplay concert. The soon to be wedding will be the first for Ms. Bosworth.