Say “I do” in pure, effortless style and elegance with a bespoke engagement ring that is as unique as you are – a reflection of your own distinctive, discerning tastes. Selecting your engagement ring is the perfect time to put the spotlight on your personality, shining through for any occasion and for years to come. Cement your commitment to love with an engagement ring you will love to wear. 

We are often asked about engagement ring trends and in this post we have listed the 10 hottest trends for engagement rings to help you form your own vision of your dream engagement ring.

These 10 must-have engagement ring trends are tailored toward making it fun, easy, and more streamlined in the modern world.

Online Shopping for Engagement Rings 

Online shopping for your engagement ring is one of the best ways to get an idea of what kind of engagement ring you desire. Barkev’s offers a user-friendly website you can customize and create the engagement of your dreams with a few clicks of a button.

Barkev’s has an immersive diamond portal under the tab DIAMOND SEARCH with different shapes and sizes of diamonds, along with a dollar value assessment.  Using the 4Cs has never been so effective in finding your best engagement ring!  Preview your perfect price point with the shape you want and select the best option.

Diamonds and precious and semi-precious colored stones can be selected online once you find your favorite setting.  The ring will be built to your specifications, made to order. Each ring is truly unique when you get the opportunity to build it from start to finish without numerous appointments you have to drive to and make time for.  Gone are the days where you have to wait forever! Your very specific engagement ring awaits you online with just a few simple steps.

Heirloom Cushion Cut Engagement Rings 

Do you love vintage jewelry? Consider cushion cut engagement rings. The cushion cut is the modern term for Old Mine cut. The cushion cut is the updated version of this antique stone cut, presenting a contemporary, streamlined appearance.

Cushion cut stones have beautiful square symmetry with rounded shoulders, giving them an inviting, softer shape than princess cut diamonds. This sparkling faceted cut amplifies the diamond’s fire and brilliance. Cushion cuts stand out in distinction with their remarkable shape yet blend beautifully with other jewelry. For those that seek an engagement ring with a touch of Old World appeal, a cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a sophisticated style to consider.

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are available with halos of side stones set in a glorious frame, worn as a solitaire/single stone, or set as the main attraction with a pave band. The cushion cut is also very versatile, complementing side stones exceptionally well.

Split Shoulder Settings 

Split shoulder settings remain one of the most popular settings for engagement rings. Split shoulder refers to the band or the shank when there is a split on the top of the ring, appearing like two “V” shapes on both sides of the center mounting.

Split shoulder shanks add something extra to the ring. This particular design is perfect for those who want something slightly different from the classic round band. Split shoulder settings also help stabilize the center stones on the finger.

Split shoulder diamond engagement rings can be covered in pave set diamonds, created in a two-tone style, and feature patterns in the gold. Add a touch of luxury to the overall desired mounting of your engagement ring with a forever popular split shoulder setting.

Double Band Engagement Rings 

Are you someone who loves prestigious metals? Consider a double band engagement ring. Similar to a split shoulder style (see above), double band rings feature two or more bands entwined throughout the band, giving a lavish style that is sure to get noticed. Double and triple-bands often blend on the bottom, adding all-day comfort to this eloquent engagement design that sits elegantly on the finger.

Double bands can come in a variety of different shapes and designs. Diamond-studded pave bands entwined with a metal band give the diamond engagement ring an asymmetrical appearance that is made to be bold and glamorous.

Double and triple-band styles can also hold the mounting you have always wanted. Are you seeking a halo or solitaire stone, for example? These mounting can sit gracefully atop a dramatic split band, giving it a super-luxurious look made to capture attention.

Luxurious Diamond Pave 

Diamond solitaire engagement rings will always be a mainstay option for an engagement ring because of their never-ending popularity, classic clean lines, understated glamour, and easy to match symmetry for a corresponding wedding band. However, having a generous sprinkle of side stones is perfect for those who love a touch of prestige. Sparkling stones set on the band of the ring in an eternity setting give the solitaire engagement ring a boost of fire and sparkle. Pave set diamonds also reflect the light from all angles as the diamonds dance on the finger.

Side stones also give a more ornate, detailed look, ideally suited for those who love a confident statement on their special moment. 

Sprinkles of pave stones set around the center stone also upgrade the solitaire engagement ring, adding luxury and elegance to your everyday bridal set.

Matching Wedding Bridal Ring Sets 

Is finding the perfect matching engagement ring and wedding band a struggle? Sometimes it can prove to be quite difficult to find both bridal rings you love that will lay in unison, sitting comfortably on the finger.

Selecting a made-to-match bridal set is the perfect solution for those who love a streamlined look. An engagement ring featuring your desired mounting is specifically created to match a wedding band you can purchase together.

Barkev’s offers a wide range of matching bridal ring sets to choose from when shopping for a bridal set. Most bridal ring styles are customizable. Choosing your desired center stone and mounting allows you to shop for your perfect size and budget needs.

Bridal ring sets are made with both classic looks and contemporary trends. Artistic bands, side stones, dramatic mountings, or solitaire styles are also available.

Exciting styles for your bridal ring set make your dream come true on your special day.

Bezel Diamond Engagement Rings 

Do you prefer a more modern style engagement ring? Bezel settings provide an incredible way to show off your commitment with a contemporary design that is unique and captivating. Bezel engagement rings feature a stone encased in a metal frame, giving it clean lines. Bezel settings will not snag on clothing, making them a great choice for those who work with their hands.

Bezel settings are also easy to clean. Giving the center stone a light scrub with cleaning solution or a cloth will keep it look brand new.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings 

Three-stone engagement rings feature three stones on the top of the ring. These stones can differ in shape and caratage. Putting two different shaped stones and setting them sideways gives the engagement ring a stunning look. These side stones lay flush against the band, still bringing attention to the center stone because of their artful placement.

A round brilliant cut diamond in the center flanked by two gemstones or a gemstone in the middle flanked by two diamonds introduces color to the ring, making it stand out against more common styles.

Do you love your birthstone? Placing your favorite precious or semi-precious stone in the middle of a three-stone style is perfect for adding a customized touch to your three-stone engagement ring.

Filigree Settings 

Filigree settings are one of the most popular styles for engagement rings because of their vintage appeal. Filigree adds a touch of elegance as it lays beautifully along with the mounting. Filigree refers to open work on the band and is often garden and vine and leaf designs.

Filigree work is most commonly featured in gold settings. Add an ornate look to your engagement ring with a highly detailed filigree design.

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings 

Do you love sparkling diamonds from all angles? Consider a hidden halo engagement ring. Hidden halos are halos of diamonds set beneath the center stone. Hidden halos most commonly wrap around the prongs of the center stone, giving it a vivacious display of elegance as the halo is not noticeable at first glance.

Hidden halos are a remarkable way to wear an engagement ring with side stones for a truly unique appearance. Hidden halo rings can be customized with any center stone, perfect for those who love a multitude of diamonds and colored stones.