The wedding industry is changing, but engagement rings are still as popular as ever. Diamonds are still the most beloved gemstone for engagement rings around the world, they might not be for everyone.

Many young couples nowadays opt for diamond alternatives more reflective to their unique character, preferences, and values.

If you too are on the hunt for that unique engagement ring that perfectly expresses your beloved’s individuality yet still captures each fragment of your love and commitment, perhaps an alternative gemstone is just what you’re seeking.

A non-traditional ring can be just as timeless, as long as it resonates with you and your loved one.

Since not every gemstone will perform well on jewelry meant to outlast time and survive daily wear, we have compiled the three most stunning and durable options for you to consider.


Pear Shape Morganite Engagement Ring


The Feminine & Delicate Morganite


Romantic, ethereal and oh-so-pretty, morganite comes in shades of lovely pink and is currently one of the most popular choices for engagement rings.

Named after the financier J.P. Morgan, morganite is a fairly hard gem, generally eye-clean and transparent.

It goes without saying that peachy-pink hues look ever so enchanting when combined. Morganite mounted in a rose gold setting makes for a sophisticated choice that enhances and complements its pretty pink color. Rose gold jewelry might be in vogue right now, but gems of the same color aren’t quite as common making it simultaneously stylish yet even more so unique.



Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring


The Royal Sapphire


If you’re in the market for something as classic as a diamond ring, but with an exquisite twist, then look no further than the deep blue sapphire gem.

Bright, elegant and full of sparkle, this royal stone coveted and celebrated since ancient times is said to promote tranquillity and symbolize faithfulness. A perfect token of true and lasting love.

Gracing the hand of Princess Diana, and now sported by Kate Middleton, the iconic blue gemstone is easily featured on the world’s most famous engagement rings.

The famous princess-y look of white gold setting with diamonds surrounding a vibrant blue oval sapphire stone is guaranteed to turn a few heads, although it doesn’t take much for sapphire to pop. A blue or pink (yes, pink!) sapphire, can add an elegant color twist to an otherwise clean classic design, but also allows for daring combinations and bold styles. Regardless if your taste in jewelry is classic, lavish or dainty, this precious stone will give it a unique twist.


The Lustrous Moissanite



Looking for that extra sparkle?

Sometimes, when dreaming of that perfect engagement ring, it’s hard not to imagine a flawless shiny white diamond as the focal point. If you’re dead set on the clear traditional look of the diamond but with a special quality to it, moissanite might just be the stone for you.

When first discovered in 1893 by French scientist Henri Moissan, these radiant stones were mistaken for diamonds. Microscopic particles of this sparkly gem were found in a crater created by a meteorite that fell on Earth. Moissanite is literally born from the stars; no wonder it is probably the world’s most scintillating gemstone.

Gleaming, gorgeous and affordable, a moissanite engagement ring is an uncompromising substitute of the traditional diamond. A perfect piece of jewelry as eternal as the stars themselves.