15-Carat Yellow Diamond on Display in Toronto

From May 2 to 6, Toronto jeweler Birks & Mayors Inc. will exhibit the largest fancy yellow diamond jewelry collection in the company’s 133-year history. The exhibit will be held at the prestigious Birks location on Bloor Street in Toronto’s swanky Yorkville neighborhood. The glamorous collection will contain 60 pieces of stunning yellow diamond jewelry, with a combined value of $10 million.

Birks Yellow Diamond: This 15-carat yellow diamond ring will be up for auction at Birks and Mayors in Toronto.

The highlight of Birks’ five-day exhibit is a 15-carat yellow diamond ring set on a platinum band. The three-stone stunner features an internally flawless, radiant-cut, fancy yellow center diamond, with trapezoid colorless diamonds on both sides. The trapezoid stones complement the eye-catching allure of the yellow diamond, and bring its flawless beauty to the forefront of the piece.


This 10-carat purplish pink diamond is one of the most valuable jewels in the world, worth about $2.5 million.

Birks & Mayors’ yellow-diamond exhibition comes on the heels of their highly-touted display of a rare purplish pink diamond ring in Edmonton last month. The exquisite, 10-carat ring was created from 21.35-carats of diamonds that originated in a South African mine. Due to the unique shade and large size of the diamond, it took roughly 3 ½ months to cut and polish the stone. The fancy purplish pink diamond ring is set on a platinum band, which highlights its illustrious light color.

With an estimated value of $2.5 million, the purplish pink diamond ring ranks among the priciest in the world. It is also one of the largest on record. In fact, it is bigger than Australia’s largest rough-cut pink diamond, a 12.76-carat sparkler unearthed last year in the country’s legendary Argyle diamond mines.