Thinking of starting the new year with proposing to the love of your life? Are you planning to make your partner’s eyes sparkle at the sight of a diamond engagement ring? Then take this a step further and make this moment truly amazing! A diamond engagement ring is hands down one of the best gifts someone can get for Christmas and is surely the ideal way to start the new Year! Make this holiday season one you and your loved one won’t ever forget, by going the extra mile -literally- and make your wedding proposal in one of the locations listed below! Put a little spark in your relationship by making this day one that your partner will always cherish!

Multnomah Falls – Oregon

Multnomah Falls – Oregon Engagement

This 620 ft high waterfall is a sight to behold and makes for the ideal backdrop for a wedding proposal! Looking like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie, the Multnomah Falls is the most visited place in the state of Oregon, especially by couples. Kneeling in front of your partner to propose, ring at hand, while the raging waterfall roars from behind, definitely makes for an unforgettable moment!

The Big Sur – California

The Big Sur - California Engagement

Rugged coastline, rocky cliffs and the impressive Santa Lucia mountains paint the majestic picture that is the Big Sur area, a mountains section of the Central Coast of California between Carmel to San Simeon. This breathtaking stretch of coastline has many lookout points where one can just get out of the car and propose, with the deep blue of the Pacific featuring on the one hand and the mountain range of Santa Lucia on the other! The Big Sur is also ideal during the holiday season, as the California weather is always nice and the towering waves can make your pictures look even more amazing! Get your Instagram filters ready, because this will be one amazing picture!

Top of the Rock – New York

Top of the Rock – New York Engagement

You already found the ideal rock (a diamond, preferably) so how about taking the theme one step further and pop the most important question of your life at the observation deck of the Rockefeller Plaza, nicknamed “Top of the Rock”. New York is always an ideal destination for a visit, especially during Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. This New York historical monument attracts millions of visitors each year and many of them wait for the ideal moment to pop the question, right when the sun is setting! With the snowy New York skyline bathed in glorious purple, this is the ideal moment to get down on their knees and offer your partner the best gift they ever going to get! The sunset view from Rockefeller Center observation deck is swoon-worthy to say the least, creating a gorgeous backdrop to say “Yes”!

The Bridges of Madison County – Iowa

The Bridges of Madison County – Iowa Engagement

Made famous by the 1995 film starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep, the 6 covered bridges of Madison County in Iowa are now considered a landmark for the locals and a sign of enduring love by all fans! The six covered bridges are a much sought-after location for wedding receptions too so keep that in mind when you are planning your trip! Live your inner romantic movie dreams and start your life together where one of the greatest love stories was ever told! Give this day a symbolic meaning, by crossing the bridge together on the other side as you both enter the New Year, together.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk – Nevada

The Grand Canyon Skywalk – Nevada Engagement

What can be better than proposing at one of nature’s wonders, one of the most recognizable natural wonders in the US and the world? Proposing above it! The awe inspiring Grand Canyon is one of the top places in the whole country as a proposal destination and the Skywalk is the ideal place to do it. A cantilever structure, with a glass skyway that overlooks the Grand Canyon, the Skyway is just a two hours drive away from America’s playground, Las Vegas. So once you are done seeing Celine Dion perform live, visit the Skyway with your special someone to let them know that your love will go on!

Disney World – Florida

Disney World - Florida Engagement

If you treat her like a princess, then why not propose where most princesses live? Welcome to Disney World, a magical place filled with all your favorite characters from your childhood and -why not- today! Dubbed “the happiest place on Earth” Turn your fairytale into reality and choose one of the many, many locations in Disney World to pop your question! How about in front of the iconic Sleeping Beauty castle, with fireworks going off in the distance? And if you are planning your trip in 2019, why not wait until summer and be among the first who will propose at the newest Disney World park, Galaxy’s Edge, that is based and inspired by the Star Wars saga? May the Force be with you two, always!


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