The moment you first think of taking that next big leap in your love life, the immediate afterthought is how much it’s gonna cost you. No worries, that doesn’t make you non-romantic; after all, we don’t all have the 40.42 carat budget of Aristotle Onassis.

Regardless if you believe that the ring should cost you a 3 months salary, a brand new car, or a small island, there are ways to make the most out of however limited your budget may be.

1) Balance Emotion VS Rationality

Although every person’s situation is different, when thinking of popping the question there are two key things you need to consider to find the silver lining that will set your ideal budget for the perfect engagement ring:

  • Your significant other’s dreams & expectations
  • Your realistic financial situation

Finding the balance between those two is key to know what you can and can’t compromise on. 

2) Forget about the Diamond & Focus on the Setting

If you want to impress her with something big and sassy but your budget doesn’t allow for a bigger stone, then you will have to get strategic with the setting.

Halo Setting
A circle of smaller stones around the center stone that actually creates the illusion of additional carats. Not only that, but Halo engagement rings boast vintage features that add an element of undeniable charm, perfect for those who have a soft spot for heritage, antiques, or more Victorian pieces.

Keep the metal minimal
Less material means less cost; makes sense, right? Opt for a simple prong setting that secures the diamond like a tripod above the band rather than a metal ring that encircles the sides of the gemstone to hold it in place (bezel). Another option is to go for a slimmer, more delicate band, that would look especially charming if your soulmate has small hands and slim fingers.

Pavé the way
A pavé engagement ring consists of tiny diamonds that line the band creating a distinctive ‘crushed ice’ look whilst offering it extra sparkle and elegance. As opposed to bigger diamonds whose flaws are more distinct and visible (and thus a better quality is harder to find and more expensive), because of their small size, these beautiful little diamonds are much more common and, hence, less pricey. So, instead of going for a big expensive high-quality center stone, pick a smaller one and fill in the lining of the entire band in pavé diamonds for an impressive finish. More carats, less cost, as impressive.

3) Consider an Alternative Center Stone or a Lab Grown Diamond

Unless you have your (and by you we mean your sweetheart) have your mind strictly and exclusively set on the classic and traditionally earth-mined diamond, then we have good news for you; you can pick a much more affordable and equally – if not more – impressive alternative.


  • Lab-Grown Diamonds are not “fake diamonds”, they’re exactly the same as earth mined diamonds; only they are less expensive, ethically superior, and absolutely as stunning in a much wider variety of options! Have a look at some of ours to get an idea of how creative you can actually get. 


4) If size really matters go Emerald Cut

This is a timeless style that has been a favorite of many personalities and celebrities, due to its elegant yet bold appearance. The secret here is the shape. An Emerald Cut “spreads” in a way that allows the diamond to cover more surface area than other cuts of the same carat weight. On the flip side, the Emerald Cut has fewer facets, meaning that it has less light reflecting surfaces, and by consequence, less of a sparkle.

5) Switch Platinum for White Gold

In spite of its many qualities (durability, naturally white, silky polish), if you wanna go easy on your wallet, forget about platinum. This pricey metal is 30 times rarer than gold, so it will obviously break the bank if you wanna go on a budget. Instead, White Gold is a great alternative choice to platinum if you want that cooler white tone, it still looks pretty, and it’s still quite resistant to rust and tarnishes. Either way, you should always make sure you are taking proper care of your ring, especially by taking it to the jeweler for a professional cleaning at least once a year; which will make sure to keep it spotless and shiny at all times!