You know the saying: “If you don’t post it on social media, did it even happen?”. Well, the same rings (pun intended!) true for your engagement. If you don’t share the big news with a beautifully photographed post on social media, how will your family, friends, and followers even know it happened?! 

An engagement selfie is also the perfect way to show off that beautiful new engagement ring in all its sparkling glory. But you need to get the photo right for the maximum wow factor. So follow these tips to make sure you post a perfect engagement selfie that is sure to have those all-important ‘likes’ rolling in. 

1. Nails, Nails, Nails

Let’s be honest; hands are not the most photogenic body part, so make sure your engagement ring post is as attractive and aesthetically pleasing as possible by getting a manicure or just painting your nails at home. Elegantly styled nails will set off the sparkles in the ring and add an extra special touch to an extra special post. 

2. Polish your engagement ring

Your engagement ring might be brand new, but if it features precious gemstones or diamonds, it’s always a good idea to give it a quick rub with a soft cloth (like the ones you use for your glasses or sunglasses) before you take the shot. The ring is the real star of the show in this post, so you want to make sure it looks its best!

3. It’s all about the lighting

Take your engagement ring selfie from ‘basic’ to ‘epic’ by making sure you take the shot under the best possible lighting. For a quick, easy and budget-friendly lighting solution, opt for natural light. Take your engagement selfie near a window with plenty of natural light pouring in, or for the social media savvy couple, use a selfie ring-light which comes with a phone clip and is sure to make your ring pop. 

4. Get Creative with your background and poses

Even a stunning diamond engagement ring can’t do much to salvage a boring photo of your hand taken from above; so, to get an engagement selfie that really catches the eye, get experimental with your backgrounds and poses. Look for a background that is interesting and beautiful without being so noisy that it distracts from the main feature – the ring. As for poses, try grabbing a prop like a coffee mug or a bunch of flowers, or experiment with waving from a window or have your new fiancé holding your hand. 

5. Keep it Natural and Personal

Don’t forget to relax and keep it natural. Your engagement selfie is all about you, and your love and commitment to each other. So for the perfect photo that tells an authentic story about you as a couple, just go with the flow, do whatever feels natural and comfortable; let your personalities shine through and don’t just follow the crowds because it looks ‘instaworthy’.