On first impressions, you may think that it’s a dazzling emerald, but the resilient tourmaline can be very deceptive. Bold, bright and incredibly beautiful, green tourmaline can add serious sparkle to your life, and it’s even available in a range of other alluring and beautiful colors set to impress, perfect for either heirloom of everyday jewelry.

Here are five fun facts about tourmaline to brighten up your day. 

1. Tourmaline is colored by the same matter as emeralds

Yes, it’s true. Most people can hardly tell them apart for good reason. In fact, both emerald and tourmaline are colored by chromium! Professionals will of course know the difference when they are carefully examined, but to the common eye, they are both very similar striking green beauties.

2. These gems come in all the dazzling colors of the rainbow

Sport a tourmaline ring on your finger, and these stunners are bound to make anyone turn green with envy. But what many people don’t know, is that they are actually available in a rainbow of gorgeous colors. That’s right. Think of your favorite color, and chances are, there is a tourmaline ring to match. Among the most colorful of all gems, you can find them in fiery red, pastel pink, deep blue and vivid yellow, although all are rare. There are also colorless or bi-color varieties to choose from for a real alternative edge.

3. It’s the birthstone for the month of October

Know someone born at the start of autumn and want to get them a special present this year? Well now you know that Tourmaline is their birthstone, representing and inspiring artistic expression and creativity, derived from the Singhlese word ‘tura mali’ which describes a stone that is mixed with colors.

4. Tourmaline adds a real ‘wow’ factor to jewelry

Attractive and shiny, tourmaline is as pretty as it gets. Pink tourmaline and rose gold are the perfect feminine combination for a cocktail ring, while white gold and green tourmaline is the way to go if you or your other half love all things classic and sophisticated. Then there’s the ultimate showstopper  –  a gift that will be treasured for life which sees pink tourmaline and diamonds combine in breath-taking unison in this necklace.

5. Its history dates back over 500 years  

Tourmaline boasts a history drenched in color, just like the stone itself! It was first discovered in Brazil in the 1500s where it was mistaken for an emerald, and people continued to believe this was the case until scientists officially recognized tourmaline in the 1800s. It has now been used as a gem for jewelry across the world, with Brazil claiming pride of place as the world’s leading source of the gorgeous gem.

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