Do you adore the mixed metal look and are considering it as an option for your engagement ring? Two-tone engagement rings exude a glamorous appearance, along with wearable versatility because of their mixed metal style.

Two-tone engagement rings have increased in popularity in recent years. They have become unlimited in designs rather than just a few to choose from, featuring a distinctive interplay of fine metals fashioned into extraordinary mountings.

A two tone engagement ring features two metals making up the whole mounting. For example, this includes mounting with yellow and white gold, yellow and rose gold, rose and white gold, yellow and rose gold, etc. Tri-color refers to three different colored metals in the same design. Rose, white, and yellow gold would be a common example, but there are several other variations of a tri-color style.

We have compiled 15 of the most popular two-tone engagement ring settings presented on this guide to help get you started.

Two-Tone Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This gorgeous Cathedral engagement ring features a princess cut diamond in the center of a square-edged band, creating a contemporary look. The squared edges add comfort to the design, elegantly hugging the finger. A wide rose gold band interplays with a sparkling crossover arc in a raised zig-zag filled with diamonds.

This two-tone diamond engagement ring is perfect for those who love a statement style and adore the princess cut. Rose gold amplifies the intense sparkle of the center diamond. The white gold gives this remarkable ring a softer look. Together, the white and rose gold envelop the ring in undeniable glamour.

Two-Tone Cathedral Engagement Ring

Cathedral diamond engagement rings are one of the most classic of all engagement ring styles, known for their sophisticated design.

This modern version features a glorious pairing of rose gold and white gold set in a raised mounting. This Cathedral setting allows for the center stone diamond to show-off its fire and brilliance. A twisted white gold love knot studded with diamonds on top of a rose gold band gives it a unique appearance.

Two-Tone Kite Set Engagement Ring

Our kite set engagement ring has a modern bypass style setting, featuring a princess cut diamond securely nestled in a four prong setting. A white gold bypass shank gives this modern ring a classic flair, finished with rich rose gold on the top for added luxury. The rose gold brings out the crisp whiteness of the diamonds, amplifying the brilliance and fire of this center stone of your selection.

Perfect for those who love the bypass ring setting, this ring also has a classic shank that lends comfort and wearability.

Two-Tone Diamond Bridal Set

Are you considering a two-tone bridal engagement ring set? This beautiful ring and wedding band set is customized to match, perfect for wearing your preferred mixed metal look in unison.

A round brilliant cut diamond sits on a rich rose gold diamond channel band interlocking with a white gold bypass setting. This dynamic placement of the diamonds and two-tone design graces the finger in a statement style.

Rose Gold Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This bypass Cathedral engagement ring features a unique intermingling of two precious metals, fashioned into a dramatic swirling design. A princess cut diamond sits in a classic four prong setting high above a square-edged shank, finished with channel set sides that provide the ultimate pairing of mixed cut diamonds and fire.

Unique and captivating, select this dynamic ring with a two-tone style that is remarkable with mixed metals.

Rose & White Gold Engagement Ring

This triple split shank diamond engagement ring is perfect for those who want a more statement look, sparkling with ribbons of round brilliant cut diamonds set in three glorious arcs. A round brilliant cut diamond center stone sits on the top, bringing this setting together. Rich rose gold and white gold intermingle on the top, balancing out this beautiful design harmoniously.

Two-Tone Round Channel Set Engagement Ring

Looking for a lavish ring? This pretty two-tone diamond engagement ring features a four-prong set sparkling diamond in the center. Rich rose gold arcs along the top alternate with glittering rows of round brilliant cut diamonds, creating a rose and white gold design that is anything but ordinary.

Two-Tone Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

Do you love the classic solitaire setting? Consider this ultra-modern bypass solitaire engagement ring. A princess cut diamond sits in a tension setting between a two-tone flat-edged band, providing an elegant mingling of different metals. Pair this dream design with a two-tone wedding band and complete your bridal set, or choose one of the metals to enhance your favorite color gold.

Two-Tone 3 Row Diamond Engagement Ring

Allow this modern two-tone diamond engagement ring to entice you with its unique interplay of mixed metals and clean lines.

A center diamond sits high in a contemporary bypass Cathedral setting along with diamond sides pave set and encrusted in a raised openwork pattern. A rich rose gold double band gives this unique two-tone ring an intriguing mixed metal look.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Accents of white gold ribbons make this classic bypass diamond engagement ring a distinctive mixed metal style that is anything but ordinary. A scintillating round brilliant cut diamond sits on top of a rose gold bypass setting filled with channel set round brilliant cut diamonds.

White & Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Barkev’s is pleased to offer a generous collection of bypass engagement rings to choose from, perfect for those in search of their dream style. This popular, timeless mounting gets an elevated update for each ring setting.

Swirls of white and rose gold join in beautiful unison, creating this classy bypass diamond engagement ring.

Do you love bypass settings? This sophisticated diamond ring provides the perfect balance of both metals in a glamorous pairing yet still exudes the classic elegance of bypass settings.

Flower Engagement Ring

Are you looking for a way to express yourself and your passion for gardening and gorgeous flowers? This unique two-tone engagement ring features a refreshing take on the great outdoors with dollops of brightly polished rose gold fashioned into beautiful flowers.

The swirling halo pave bypass mounting and diamond center stone in white gold provide a pleasing backdrop to the shiny flowers artfully placed on top.

Two-Tone Halo Engagement Ring

How about a hint of mixed metal instead of an even balance of different color metals? An accent of rose gold brings out the design of this contemporary halo ring, providing just enough color.

A brightly polished rose gold halo filled with round brilliant cut diamonds amplifies the diamond center stone. The 3⁄4 eternity diamond setting on the square-edged shank balances out this remarkable concept.

Two-Tone Open Shank Ring

Make a long-lasting impression of distinctive style with this swirling ribbon open engagement ring!

This unique diamond ring features an artistic ribbon of a rose gold split in the center, making space for a diamond center stone prong set in a raised basket. A white gold band studded with diamond accents adds an artistic, contemporary appeal to this diamond ring.

White & Rose Gold Diamond Bridal Set

Have you narrowed your choices down to a bezel setting for your engagement ring? This bridal ring set features a unique interplay of brightly polished rose and white gold entwined in a sleek, modern design.

A diamond in the center is encased by a raised bezel setting on a flat-edged bypass mounting. A brightly polished rose gold diamond channel band finishes this effortlessly elegant look.

White & Rose Gold Engagement Ring

This glorious two-tone diamond engagement ring features three beautiful rows of shiny mixed metal along the top in a split shank. A ribbon of rose gold sits nestled inside a white gold setting, giving this classic solitaire ring a boost of luxury and glamour.

Shopping for Two-Tone Engagement Rings 

Shopping for two-tone gold engagement rings is an exciting experience at Barkev’s. Select your custom made engagement ring and diamond with the menu options. This immersive process will make your dream ring come to fruition.