The time has come for you to start shopping for your matching bridal ring set. You are narrowing down your selection for your engagement ring and wedding band. What will you end up choosing? With so many choices, what will be the ultimate selection?

Have you been looking at engagement rings first? Have you considered shopping for a matching 2-piece bridal ring set? Purchasing a 2-piece bridal set will alleviate the stresses of picking out wedding rings. By choosing a matching engagement ring and wedding ring, you have selected a perfectly matched bridal ring set that will fit together harmoniously.

Here we present some of our top bridal ring sets for her. Each of these sets is very unique in design and appearance. These bridal ring sets are created for each other, with no other shopping required for a wedding band.

Yellow Gold Split Shank Moissanite Wedding Ring Set

This gorgeous matching bridal set includes an engagement ring and wedding band, created in a bypass design.

A sparkling center stone sits in a prong setting on the top of a modern bypass setting. A matching wedding band accompanies this engagement ring studded with diamond accents.

GREAT FOR: Those who seek a contemporary style with geometric, flat edges.

Unique Princess Cut Moissanite Wedding Set

This stunning princess cut moissanite set is the perfect selection for those who love a princess cut center stone! Indulge in this stunning set that features a prominent centerstone, sides stones, and the fine metal of your selection.

GREAT FOR: Are you looking for a princess engagement ring? This bridal set is fantastic because it is accompanied by a made to match wedding band, taking the hassle out of trying to select a wedding band that will complement the engagement ring.

Yellow Gold Round Diamond Halo Wedding Set

A round brilliant cut diamond takes center stage on this classic engagement ring providing a wonderful complement to the wedding band. The sparkling matching bridal rings lay together comfortably on the finger, adding beautiful fire reflecting from all angles.

GREAT FOR: Those that are seeking a timeless look, with the everlasting popularity of yellow gold.

Rose Gold Round Halo Diamond Wedding Set

This is a variation of our yellow gold round diamond halo set but in a rich, rose gold. Rose gold has seen an uptick in popularity with engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry designs, offering a luxurious copper color that is remarkable and incredible.

Indulge in our rose gold halo engagement ring set! A glittering round brilliant cut center stone is placed in the middle of a gorgeous halo, finished with side stone set on both bands.

GREAT FOR: Brides that love rose gold! Stand out from the crowd with a gorgeous rose gold matching wedding ring set on your most momentous occasion.

White Gold Round Halo Diamond Wedding Set

Celebrate your love with our white gold round halo diamond wedding set. This is the white gold variation of our rose gold and yellow gold version, and is the ultimate selection for those who want a fine white metal. If you are seeking a white metal similar to platinum or silver, white gold is the best alternative.

GREAT FOR: People who love the antique inspiration halo and solitaire stones. This gorgeous matching engagement ring and wedding band is so classic, you will love to mix and match it with your other jewelry effortlessly.

Round Halo Black & White Diamond Wedding Set

Gorgeous, rich round brilliant cut black diamonds adorn both wedding rings, setting the stage for an incredibly elegant style that will be cherished for years to come. A round brilliant cut center stone is prong set on the engagement ring surrounded by round brilliant cut side stones forming a classic halo.

GREAT FOR: The bride wishing to incorporate black diamonds into engagement rings and wedding bands for their special day! Diamonds come in different exciting colors. Choosing black diamonds gives you an array of intriguing color interplay.

Unique Rose Gold Pear Shaped Wedding Set

This striking rose gold wedding set features a pear-shaped center stone prong set in the middle of the engagement ring, all in a rich shine.

A v-shaped formation filled with round brilliant cut diamonds on the interlocking bands gives this show-stopping pear shaped engagement ring a lavish style.

GREAT FOR: Those who love pear-shaped diamonds and rich rose gold! This very unique engagement ring and bridal ring set offers incredible color and a luxurious style with all of the interlocking bands and creative style elements.

3 Stone Black Diamond Wedding Set

Round brilliant cut black diamonds are set on both bands, giving this vintage style engagement ring set a modern style. These brightly polished wedding rings feature a slender shape, making them super comfortable and easy to wear for years to come. This streamlined engagement ring and wedding band set are great for an understated yet stand out style.

GREAT FOR: Those who seek a day look that is perfect for nighttime and any other occasion. Both rings sit comfortably close to the finger, making it the perfect set for your work life.

Yellow Gold 2 Carat Oval Wedding Set

Do you love the oval cut? Are you considering an oval cut stone for your engagement ring? This striking engagement ring features an oval cut diamond centerstone prong set in the center of
A swirling diamond-studded mounting. These two rings beautifully intermingle with fire and prestige, setting the stage for an opulent performance of artisan style meets everyday elegance.

GREAT FOR: Those who love the refined elegance of an oval shaped diamond center.

Rose Gold 2 Carat Oval Wedding Set

Barkev’s offers a variety of rose gold engagement rings, perfect for the bride-to-be who has narrowed down their choices for an engagement ring and has chosen rose gold for their fine metal of choice. Just like our yellow gold version of this ring ( see #10), this rose gold ring features a stunning oval center stone and swirls of round brilliant cut diamond sides, giving it an eye-catching style.

GREAT FOR: Those who love an oval cut diamond and the prestige of a rose gold metal combination!

Yellow Gold Marquise Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

This remarkable engagement ring and wedding band set features a gorgeous display of marquise cut diamonds prong set on the bands, giving this wedding set a trellis garden inspiration. These marquise diamonds are accentuated by the sparkling center stone, adding a striking interplay of mixed cut diamonds in a luxurious finish.

GREAT FOR: Those who love marquise cut diamonds! Also, this ring has a cluster style, ideally suited for those who adore the multi-stone look.

Channel Wedding Ring Set

The engagement ring features channel set diamonds arranged in a three dimensional channel setting providing an incredible amount of fire when viewed from all angles. The center stone sits high above the diamond-covered band in a secure classic prong setting.

The matching channel wedding band complements the engagement ring perfectly, adding a very wide, lavish look to the whole set.

GREAT FOR: Those who want a statement look, love a lot of diamonds, and love the classic channel setting.

Yellow Gold Oval Halo Moissanite Wedding Set

Honor your commitment to love with our extraordinary halo moissanite wedding set. This stunning engagement ring features an oval cut center stone framed by sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds in a spectacular halo setting.

This classic style engagement ring is perfect for those who love a halo, oval cut, and timeless setting. This beautiful set is easy to mix and match with your other jewelry.

GREAT FOR: Brides that like a classic, stand-out look, without being over the top.

Moissanite Halo Wedding Set

This petite halo wedding ring set features a sparkling centerstone prong set in the middle of a dazzling halo, finished with more diamonds set down both sides of the band. This particular set features rings that lay more flush against the finger for a more streamlined look.

GREAT FOR: Those who are seeking a timeless, halo style with an understated style.