From Victoria Beckham to Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande to Margot Robbie, A-listers are sporting one of the hottest engagement rings of the moment: the pear shape. Otherwise known as a ‘teardrop’ ring, these beauties – pointed on one side and rounded on the other – are also causing a stir on social media of late. But even though they are in the limelight right now, they are also timeless and classic beauties; the kind of ring you will love and want to cherish forever. Here’s the scoop on why to-be-weds have gone mad over the mighty pear-shape.

  1. Their shape is universally flattering 

Ever how noticed how good hands look when women sport a pear-shaped ring? Just like oval shaped diamond rings, pear-shaped rings elongate fingers, and the round curves of the stone epitomize all things graceful and sleek. Super feminine and sophisticated, their elongated shape even maximizes carat weight. 

  1. They symbolize the tears of joy 

There’s another reason why pear-shaped rings are so captivating: the shape of the stone resembles a teardrop. But we are not talking about anything sad. On the contrary, the teardrop shape is thought to symbolise tears of joy and is perfectly suited to women with a real feminine and romantic flair. The tip can be worn pointing downwards or upwards, and despite its elegance, the shape is also dynamic and powerful, making a seriously strong statement. 

  1. They have a long history 

Pear shaped diamonds may be all the rage right now, but their history actually dates back to the 1400s, created by the Flemish Lodewyk van Berquem who invented a special diamond polish wheel that could polish every part of the diamond. Sparkly and reflecting light in the most brilliant way, the love affair with pear shaped diamonds may have begun centuries ago, and the popularity of these beauties is now stronger than ever! 

Pear diamonds work well in a solitaire or halo setting and can also be combined with other accent diamonds. Here are some of our favourite designs that can be turned into a stunning sparkly bridal set.