Stunning and highly sought-after sapphires have long been considered a great alternative to diamonds when getting down on one knee before the love of your life. They are beautiful, they are rare, and they are exceptionally durable. But they are also alternative too! Forget the idea that a sapphire ring has to be royal blue. Today, stylish women rock the pretty pink sapphire look, while green sapphires add a touch of gorgeous glam to any bohemian chic style. And no matter what color you go for, every sapphire is packed with symbolism, with a special tale to tell. 

Alternatively beautiful 

Most of us remember the late Princess Diana’s brilliant 12-carat oval blue sapphire ring that Prince William later gave to his now wife, Kate Middleton, upon their engagement. But these days, pinks, purple and green sapphires are also very popular. And this great color selection means that you can pick a ring that really suits your partner’s personal style. 

Is your loved one undeniably feminine and romantic? A pink sapphire engagement ring will no doubt leave them teary-eyed. A touch of rose gold in the mix adds to the romance, especially when pink sapphires combine with diamonds. Do they have a tranquil and calm nature? A green sapphire should rock their world. But this doesn’t mean that brilliant blue sapphire should be forgotten. If your partner is quite traditional at heart, and very loyal, wise and intelligent partners, a striking blue sapphire engagement ring could be just the beauty you are looking for. 

A powerful tale to tell   

A stone of wisdom and strength, there have been numerous mystical and heavenly powers attributed to sapphires throughout the centuries. In ancient times, it was widely believed that the spectacular sapphire could guard someone from evil. Their blue color was often thought to represent the skies and the heavens, while they were also associated with royalty and nobility. Today, the mighty sapphire still symbolizes all things wise and powerful, especially the royal blue varieties. 

Sapphires in engagement rings 

If your heart is set on presenting your other half with a sparkling sapphire engagement ring, you will be delighted to know that your pocket will also benefit! Yes, sapphires are actually more reasonably priced than diamonds, despite being rarer. They are also highly durable, making them an excellent choice for a special ring that will be worn day in and day out. Do keep in mind that as sapphires are formed naturally, you can expect slight flaws in the stone, each unique within its own right. Available in every shape and cut, the most popular shapes are oval, round and cushion. Click here for some serious sapphire inspiration! 

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