Angelina versus Jennifer: Whose Man did it best?

A year that saw multiple whirlwind romances also gave rise to one of the biggest wedding showdowns in recent memory. We are talking about the dueling weddings and dueling rings of Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie. Ever since Anniston and Pitt split in 2005 and details emerged that there were questions about the timing of the first Jolie/Pitt hook up, the three have been forever linked and their weddings will be no different.

The Rings

Naturally as soon as Anniston’s rep confirmed the engagement rumors the comparisons began.  Anniston’s ring is estimated to be between 8 or 9 carats while Jolie’s ring is said to be 16 carats. Both rings have an estimated value of $500,000. Can you say coincidence? Jennifer’s ring is an oval shape while Jolie’s ring is more of an oblong shape similar a square cut emerald. Just like their own fashion style, the rings could not be more different from one another.

The Proposal

For Jolie and Pitt, the family that proposes together stays together. Pitt proposed to Jolie on an April afternoon. Once the ring that Pitt personally designed was ready for viewing, he gathered all 6 children together and told Jolie that he had a little present for her. As she unwrapped the gift and realized what it was, the tears began to flow. After the ring was placed on her finger, she took time to show each child the ring individually. It was a joyous occasion for the entire family. Justin however kept things low key when he proposed to Jennifer Anniston on a Friday evening in New York. He presented her with her ring while the couple was celebrating his birthday dinner. After tearing up, the two quietly shared the news with their families. They released a simple statement that was in line with their low key attitude to life.

Whether you are Team Anniston or Team Jolie, one thing is for sure all eyes will be on the dueling brides to see who wore it best. The next face off will be the official rings and the dress and we can not wait.