The aquamarine gemstone is a semi-precious variety of the mineral group beryl. Some other well-known varieties of beryl include green emerald and golden beryl, which is a golden-yellow transparent stone that looks similar to yellow topaz and citrine.

These gemstones tend to be more expensive than quartz and topaz even though they are lumped into the same semi-precious category. This is because they are less abundant.

Known for their icy, slightly blue green color, they are perfect for those who love versatile gemstones. The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin words aqua which translates into seawater or water from the sea.

Aquamarine crystals rate 7.50-8.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it durable enough for frequent wear and a fantastic selection for an engagement ring or birthstone gift. Taking good care of your engagement ring by not knocking or dropping it will help prevent it from being scratched.

Aquamarine Promise Rings and Stacking Rings

Because of its crisp, oceanic ultra-light hue, this stunning gem pairs well with diamonds and other stones. The slightest ocean green shade provides a contemporary complement to other stones and different colored metals, giving the stacking ring an eye-catching style that is anything but ordinary.

Our Mia 3 Stone promise ring exudes a timeless style with a past, present, and future setting in a modern shiny bezel frame. This specific style can be purchased as a promise ring for your significant other, or gifted to your aunt, mother, or sister as a treat.

Barkev’s Mia Aquamarine Three Stone Diamond Promise Ring

Mia Aquamarine Three Stone Diamond Promise Ring

Barkev’s Mia Aquamarine Three Stone Diamond Promise Ring (Rose Gold)

Mia Aquamarine Three Stone Diamond Promise Ring In Rose Gold

Barkev’s Mia Aquamarine Three Stone Diamond Promise Ring (Yellow Gold)

Mia Aquamarine Three Stone Diamond Promise Ring In Yellow Gold

Aquamarine Necklaces

Barkev’s offers one-of-a-kind pendants for every birthday or memorable occasion. This necklace, for example, provides a super chic style that’s trendy and luxurious.

Barkev’s Aquamarine and Diamond Necklace AQ-8172N

Aquamarine and Diamond Necklace AQ-8172N

Cluster setting necklaces are always in style, ideally suited for those who love a lavish, multi-stone pendant.

Barkev’s Aquamarine & Diamond Necklace AQ-5593N

Aquamarine & Diamond Necklace AQ-5593N

Barkev’s Aquamarine & Diamond Halo Necklace AQ-8125N

Aquamarine & Diamond Halo Necklace AQ-8125N

Aquamarine Earrings

Aquamarine studs are always in style and easy to mix and match with hoops, dangles and others. These studs feature a modern twist or classic look and are perfect for frequent wear.

Barkev’s 1.00ct. Aquamarine Studs AQ-8097ER100

1.00ct. Aquamarine Studs AQ-8097ER100

Heart Aquamarine Earrings symbolize love, commitment, and romance. Shop our basket set heart earrings for a romantic gift that is perfect for your beloved, or for an aunt or on Mother’s Day:

Barkev’s 1.00ct. Aquamarine Studs AQ-8098ER100

1.00ct. Aquamarine Studs AQ-8098ER100

Barkev’s 1.00ct. Aquamarine Studs AQ-8099ER100

1.00ct. Aquamarine Studs AQ-8099ER100

You can also add the finishing touch to your formal or night wear with a pair of luscious diamond and aquamarine dangle earrings:

Barkev’s White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Earrings AQ-5593ER

White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Earrings AQ-5593ER

The Perfect Addition to Your Fine Jewelry Collection

This blue stone is the perfect addition to your fine jewelry collection, a must-have for those who truly appreciate all the vibrancy that gemstones display.

Have questions? Here are some FAQs

Is aquamarine valuable?

It holds its value and is always a popular stone to select if you are seeking something special. Because it is pricier than other gemstones, it will retain its value relative to the market value of the stone.

Is aquamarine treated?

It is most commonly heat treated like many other gemstones. Heat treatment minimizes the greenish tone and brings out its striking ocean blue.

Is aquamarine suitable for an engagement ring?

Yes! An aquamarine engagement ring is a fantastic alternative due to its breathtaking beauty, unique color, and value. However, because it is softer than most stones, extra care must be taken not to scratch it.

Taking care of your fine jewelry is optimal for keeping it in a pristine condition. Storing your jewelry in a jewelry bag, drawer, or jewelry box will help keep your jewelry from getting damaged by the elements.

Is aquamarine a real gemstone?

Yes! This dazzling gem is a real, genuine gemstone, just like amethyst, emerald and sapphires. Faceted aquamarines luster and shine ever so brilliantly under light just like any other precious stone would.

Is aquamarine more expensive than diamonds?

No. Diamonds are inherently more expensive per carat when compared to aquamarine. As a matter of fact, diamonds are known as “the world’s most precious gem”.

How are diamonds and aquamarines different?

They are completely different stones that are not at all related. Diamonds are composed of pressurized carbon with a cubic structure whereas aquamarines are a variety of the beryl family with different chemical compositions and has a Beryllium Aluminum Silicate composition with a hexagonal crystal structure.

How well do you know aquamarine?

One of the best ways to identify this exciting stone is by observing its color. In its natural form, this crystal may exhibit a gray to pale blue color, similar to oceanic seawater, or a slight green to a yellowish hue.

It is also known for its incredible clarity and transparency. This gem is famous for its distinctive color, unlike any other precious or semi-precious gemstone.

Is aquamarine always blue?

Yes. it can exhibit a wide range of blue hues from very slightly greenish blue to a pale mint with slight blue color, to an intense greenish blue or an even green blue.

How many carats is Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring?

Her 24k yellow gold ring featured an emerald cut aquamarine complemented by small solitaire diamonds. It was commissioned by the Princess from Asprey. Diana’s friend, Lucia Flecha de Lima, gifted her the stone.

It was designed to match her aquamarine and pearl bracelet that she had previously. According to Gemologist Grand Mobley, the estimated value of this bracelet is 75,000 British Pounds.

Who can wear aquamarine?

It is the birthstone for the month of March and represents abundance, prosperity and love. It is also commonly associated with the zodiac sign, Pisces. So, if any of these matches you, then an aquamarine might be the perfect choice.

In addition, it is associated with the throat and heart chakra which enhances communication and messages sent from the spiritual realm during meditation and helps in the process of healing old wounds and allowing forgiveness to take place.

Whether it’s the color, month, zodiac sign or spiritual significance, the aquamarine is a truly versatile gemstone that could hold value way beyond its monetary price.

What is the most valuable color of aquamarine?

In terms of value alone, gemstones that display vibrant deep blues are the most valuable color of the aquamarine stone. As mentioned above, however, they come in a variety of shades and all of them are beautiful in their own right.

The more expensive stones exhibit a purer and more intense blue, almost resembling a cross between a blue topaz and blue sapphire. The more intense the saturation of blue is, the pricier the stone becomes.

Most stones on the market display their famous ultra-light green blue tint. These lighter stones are commonly found in mall stores and your typical jewelry stores.