Looking to offer a memorable gift uniquely picked for its wearer? Birthstones on fine jewelry will allow you to balance uniqueness with high-end design, fit for any occasion.

The birthstone for those born in August is the lovely green Peridot!

Peridot is the gem variety of olivine mineral and has the distinction of being the only gemstone found in meteorites. Moreover, unlike other gems that gain their color from impurities in their composition, the olive green of peridot is an intrinsic part of its nature which makes it an idiochromatic stone, colored by itself! One of the very few gemstones that exist in only a single color.

The Egyptians thought that peridot protected against nightmares and evil spirits. The stone is thought to promote openness in love and relationships and bring the wearer confidence, good luck, and health. It has even been said that Cleopatra’s famous emeralds were actually peridots!

A graceful loop

This beautiful peridot and diamond necklace features a checkerboard cushion cut peridot set in white gold with a double looping bail, set with a single shared prong set diamond accent at the bottom. The chain passes through the necklace at the top, and the necklace slides gracefully on the chain.

Olive-green glamour

These glamorous earrings have a brilliant Peridot gracing the center encircled with a halo of shared prong set diamonds. Timeless and elegant these earrings would make a stylish accessory for some special.