The Most Avant-Garde Earrings Out There Today

When it comes to high fashion, avant-garde clothing, shoes and accessories are always at the forefront of media buzz during fall fashion week. While the primary focus is on the up-and-coming trends and the Pantone color of the year, avant-garde accessories, minimalist silhouettes and architectural outfits always spark creativity and garner tons of media attention. If you want to give an ordinary outfit a pop of artistic merit, avant-garde earrings will instantly take any ensemble from basic to couture in an instant. Here are some of the most avant-garde earring styles out there on the market today.

Bigger Is Better

When it comes to couture accessories and avant-garde accessorizing, bigger is always better. Chunky stones combined with linear drops are the epitome of avant-garde accessory fashion. Architectural shapes and sharp lines that catch the eye in an alarming and unexpected way draw the eye up to the face, and the earrings then become the focal point of the entire outfit. Earrings showcasing big varying shapes and bright, contrasting colors offer a mod aesthetic that screams avant-garde. Spiral earrings with studded accents, hammered metal drop earrings, thick polished metal earrings, cluster-bauble button earrings and asymmetric-shaped earrings are all frequently classified as being avant-garde.

Novelty Themes

Brightly-colored earrings that showcase a unique theme are always considered avant-garde accessories. From mosaic cats to ethnic and tribal earrings with a variety of stones, most whimsical or novelty earrings are always considered avant-garde. If it looks quirky, makes you laugh or will be a guaranteed conversation starter, it is almost always an avant-garde novelty earring.

Curves, Clusters and Clip-Ons

Aside from being bold, polished and colorful, if earrings have a round silhouette with a domed cluster shape, they can be classified as couture. Earrings with a concave or convex curve not only reflect light, but their unique shape is the perfect complement to minimalist and utilitarian couture outfits that epitomize the avant-garde style aesthetic. Clip-on earrings are relatively rare today. As a result, vintage earrings with a large style and heavyweight often fit the criteria for being avant-garde.

Avant-garde earrings are meant to be the focal point of any stylish outfit. You will want to keep your style simple and chic to allow the earrings to take center stage. Additionally, you should refrain from wearing other accessories or jewelry and keep rings, bracelets and necklaces on the small and delicate side as to not compete with the eccentricity of a great pair of avant-garde earrings.