Best Jewelry at the 2013 Oscars

The glitterati gathered together to celebrate the 85th annual Academy Awards and while the hot topic before the day of the ceremony may have been the new host, but in the days after the ceremony people have a new topic on their mind: the debate for who wore it best in terms of their jewelry selection.

Jennifer Aniston at Oscars 2013

Vintage Selections

One of those trends that never go out of style is the vintage look. That fact is true even as the fashion elite hit the red carpet. This year one of those stars that opted for a vintage look when they hit the red carpet was Jennifer Anniston. She chose three vintage diamond bracelets to compliment the flowing strapless red dress that she chose for the evening.

Elegant Designs

Mother to be Kim Kardashian chose an elegant approach for her red carpet look choosing an elegant ring design as her statement piece of the evening. The ring extended over two separate fingers and featured one three stone ring and a matching single stone on a separate finger. The ring was shown over and over under the mani-cam along with her deep red manicure.

Jennifer Lawrence and the Backwards Necklace

If anyone got tongues wagging this year on the Oscars Red Carpet it was Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway with their backwards necklace. Both women chose light colored gowns as a means of showcasing their out of the box jewelry selections. Lawrence chose a 74-carat diamond bead necklace that ended at her waist and looked even better going than coming. Anne Hathaway chose a slightly bolder option with a tassel inspired version that ended just below the shoulders.

With Oscar fashion, it is all about what list you end up on the next morning. These ladies demonstrated that they have all the right moves when it comes to landing on the best dressed list.