What is a “normal” engagement ring? In our humble opinion, there’s no such thing! An engagement ring should be a unique expression of your love for someone, as well as their individual personality and taste. And, nowadays, more and more couples feel the same way. In the modern era, engagement ring design boundaries are constantly being pushed and creative engagement ring styles are being seriously celebrated. Put simply, alternative engagement rings with distinctive center stones are all the rage among couples today. 

Luckily for those who love the look of a unique engagement ring, there are heaps of exceptional alternatives to traditional white diamond styles. There are so many gorgeous gemstones that can add to the grace, glamour, vibrance, and brilliance of your proposal. Interested in learning which gems are the best of the best in the alternative engagement ring category. Here are some sparkling non-traditional engagement rings we adore. 

  1. Sleek Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sophisticated, bold, and classic, nothing makes a statement quite like a lush blue sapphire engagement ring. Blue sapphires have been celebrated since ancient times for their beauty and they’ve long been a favorite of royals. In fact, they’re still loved among royals today, as evidenced by the 12 carat blue sapphire heirloom ring that has famously graced the hands of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. 

The beauty of the regal blue sapphire, which looks incredible in both yellow gold and white gold, makes it a striking choice for an engagement ring, while it’s symbolism makes it a meaningful one. The blue sapphire symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, and stability, making it a fitting choice for a betrothal. It also happens to be the September birthstone, which can make this gem particularly meaningful those with birthdates or wedding dates in September.

  1. Mesmerizing Morganite Engagement Rings

The romantic look of a morganite engagement ring will have her falling in love with you all over again. The captivating color of this peachy pink gemstone has made it a highly sought after alternative engagement ring among modern brides, particularly when it’s paired with a blushing rose gold setting. The price tag of this moissanite has also made it a favorite among budget-savvy shoppers. Morganite delivers a dazzling amount of beauty and durability while still providing a surprisingly good value per carat. 

  1. Magnificent Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is a great choice for those who are slightly traditional at heart, yet still want something different than a white diamond engagement ring. This gleaming, highly brilliant gemstone looks quite a bit like a diamond at first glance, so it’s actually possible for the untrained eye to mistake a prong-set moissanite solitaire for a prong-set diamond solitaire. The visual similarity between moissanite and diamond also means that a moissanite engagement ring will look right at home with a diamond wedding ring; these gemstones look absolutely lovely together in a bridal ring set. 

Yet, let’s be clear that moissanite isn’t a fake diamond– rather, it’s a gemstone in its own right. It is a great diamond alternative, but it is a real gemstone with its own unique properties. One of which is that it actually has a higher refractive index than the diamond, so it offers even more bling. Moissanites also have their own hardness ranking that’s just below that of a diamond, making it exceptionally durable. 

Want even more info on these three beautiful gemstones? Here’s something for you to sink your teeth into! Or, if you’re looking for more alternative engagement ring and wedding ring options, browse our engagement ring and wedding band collections. With options featuring ethereal aquamarine, captivating topaz, mesmerizing tourmaline, mysterious black diamonds and more, our designs are sure to inspire.