Beyond the Diamond: Our Favorite Alternative Engagement Rings

What is a ‘normal’ engagement ring? In our humble opinion, there is no such thing! An engagement ring should be a unique expression of your love for someone, and most of all, their individual personality and taste. Nowadays, boundaries are constantly being pushed and creativity is seriously celebrated when presenting your other half with their engagement ring. Put simply, alternative engagement rings are all the rage right now. And luckily, there is heaps of choice when it comes to gorgeous gemstones that add a touch of grace and glamour to the most romantic proposal, just as brilliant as the gorgeous diamond. Here is some sparkling non-traditional engagement ring inspiration. 

  1. Sleek sapphire

Sophisticated, bold and classic – and exceptionally durable – nothing makes a statement quite like a vibrant blue sapphire. And if you declare forever love with a sapphire ring, you will certainly be doing it in dazzling style. Celebrated since ancient times and known to symbolize loyalty, wisdom and stability, there’s a good reason why it has been a royal favorite throughout the ages, famously gracing the hands of Princess Diana and now sitting pretty on the fingers of Kate Middleton. And this may be news to you, but sapphires also exist in pretty pink – a fine delicate color that looks extremely feminine when combined with rose gold. Be inspired by the gorgeous sapphire here.

  1. Mesmerizing morganite 

We can almost guarantee that you’ll make any woman fall in love all over again when you present her with a morganite engagement ring – a delicate peachy pink gemstone that adds a real touch of romance to any heartfelt affair. A highly sought after alternative to diamond engagement rings, its soft pink hues have become a real favorite with modern brides-to-be, and make a striking statement without breaking the bank. Affordable yet resilient, morganite is part of the ‘beryl’ family of minerals so do not be surprised if you hear it referred to as ‘pink beryl’. 

  1. Magnificent Moissanite

Gleaming and bright, the beautiful Moissanite is a great choice for those who are slightly traditional at heart but are still keen on something different to the usual diamond. And let’s clear up the confusion surrounding the gorgeous Moissanite – it’s not a fake diamond, but it is a great alternative to the diamond ring, albeit rather similar in the looks department. It also ranks second to diamond in terms of hardiness which makes it an exceptionally durable engagement ring choice and a stone that will appear shiny throughout your lifetime. Very appealing to the eco-conscious among us, moissanites require no mining as they are lab created.

Want even more info on these three beauties? Here’s something for you to sink your teeth into! 

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