Black Diamond Engagement Rings as an Alternative

Now more than ever people are seeking to make their wedding an extension of their own style statement. People are seeking alternatives to the traditional choices that have flooded the market for decades in everything from the wedding gown to the engagement ring. That need for an alternative style has brought about a new option when it comes to choosing an engagement ring: the black diamond.

Black diamonds are formed when graphite is introduced during the formation process creating the opaque stone. The trend in choosing this opaque stone as an option for engagement rings can be traced back to a fictional character that many looked to in order to set the trend with regards to style: Carrie Bradshaw.

Her black diamond engagement ring given to her by “Mr. Big” was the first in what has now become a long line of black diamond engagement rings. Other celebrities following in the trend of black diamond engagement rings include Carmen Electra and Kat Von D. There are some factors to be aware of though when it comes to choosing your black diamond engagement ring.

Black diamonds do not sparkle like other stones; instead they have a reflective adamantine luster which provides results in a gorgeous gemstone that is sure to turn heads. Since the black diamond is opaque in color the four C’s also do not apply when you are making your diamond selection. Instead, the quality of the diamond is determined by the inkiness of the color throughout the stone.  Another factor to remember when choosing black diamonds is that they are heavier than colorless diamonds which means that a 1 carat black stone will be smaller than a 1 carat colorless stone.

Finally, when you are selecting your black diamond you must also consider the metal color that you will pair with it. In this case, metal options are completely a matter of your own personal taste. Compare how the stone looks in a gold, silver, or platinum setting and make your selection based on the one that you gravitate to the most. So, if you are in the market for a change you have found the right place: the black diamond.