We have been in the engagement ring world for many years creating unique designs with all types of gemstones, and as black diamond engagement rings gained popularity recently there’s one question we’re often asked: Are black diamond engagement rings a good choice? This post will shed more light on the topic as well as other questions we often get related to black diamonds.

First and foremost, any engagement ring is a good ring because it’s ultimately the thought and meaning that counts, while at the same time you need to understand your significant other – their style, likes and dislikes, etc. – to ensure you make the best decision possible and they’re happy in the end. For example, if they’ve shown interest in black diamonds in the past then you propose with a black diamond ring it shows you’ve done your homework, so it’s clearly a good choice.

Looking at black diamonds in general, they’re a unique animal and mysterious in many ways, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Below are some of the other common questions we get and our feedback:

Is a Black Diamond a Real Diamond?
There are a few types of black diamonds and though some are real there are also man-made black diamonds as well as treated black diamonds. And when shopping for an engagement ring it’s important to understand what exactly you’re getting.

Are Black Diamonds Really Expensive?
In a nutshell, black diamonds aren’t usually more expensive than other diamonds because the demand isn’t as high (e.g. people searching for white diamond solitaires) but their uniqueness is what really shines.

What Does a Black Diamond Engagement Ring Mean?
Though there may be some folklore around black cats and other superstitions, proposing with a black diamond engagement ring means nothing more than you understand your significant other, their style and chose a ring you know they’ll love.

The moral of the story is that black diamond engagement rings are a perfect option if you’ve checked off the above-mentioned boxes. And if you’re going down that path and planning to choose a ring then propose soon, we’re here to help you on the journey – only a call away!