Only the Best Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamond jewelry, for some jewelers, in the last two years has risen above their sales of white diamonds.  Perhaps brides want to go for a gothic look on their wedding day or perhaps they just want something that many other brides won’t have.  It’s their chance to say they are unique brides and they showcase that in their bridal jewelry.  Well, that spike could be attributed to a popular show and couple of movies called Sex and the City.

 In the 2010 movie Sex and the City 2 Carrie Bradshaw was given a stunning engagement ring by big that consisted of a five carat black diamond. That movie proved to boost sales of black diamond engagement rings over those of white diamonds.  In fact, brides can own a black diamond engagement ring similar to the one given to the fictional character for just $6,000, which is far below the price of any white diamond engagement ring of the same weight.

Carmen Electra and Not-so-Lucky Number Three

When Carmen Electra became engaged for the third time in 2008, she too, sported a black diamond engagement ring from fiancé Rob Patterson of the nu metal band Otep.  Unfortunately black must not have been her color for engagement number three considering as of 2012 she is still reported as single and has even been a celebrity bachelorette appearing on the MTV show The Choice.

Victoria’s Secret Makes it in the Black for the Holidays

 Victoria’s Secret, one of the most famous and lucrative lingerie stores nationwide to date, decided to go black for the holidays back in 2008.  Every year Victoria’s Secret unveils a fantastical piece of lingerie that could only appeal to the most wealthy of customers.  In 2008, the featured piece included 3,575 black diamonds accompanied by rubies and round diamonds for an exceptional total carat weight of 1,500.  The price of this piece of lingerie?  $5 million dollars.