How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

There is seldom a time in your life when you need to be more correct in your choice than the time you spend selecting an engagement ring for the one who will become your wife. Surprising her with a ring might have all the effect you’re looking for, but often it’s wise to include her in the decision-making process. She knows what she likes, and even though any ring received from you will be special, it will mean even more if she loves the design and the look of the ring.

Buying a diamond engagement ring is not just a financial transaction. This ring will be worn every day, to remind her of your unending love for her. It symbolizes the beginning of your life together. You don’t have to be a diamond expert to find the perfect ring for your fiancé, but you do need to select a style of ring that she will be comfortable wearing, and that also reflects her taste in jewelry.


Barkev Solitaire Ring


Style is of the utmost importance when you are selecting an engagement ring. The sparkle and brilliance of that perfect diamond will create a loving gift for her on a day that she’ll always remember. You know by now whether your bride-to-be is a simple woman or one who is more complex. You can reflect this in the ring you choose for her. If she is quite down-to-earth, perhaps you would like a simple stone or a diamond with gemstones.

Barkev Princess Engagement Ring


Everyone has heard of the four C’s of diamonds, but most designers agree that the Cut is the most important aspect of the diamond you choose. The cut will determine how light reflects on her diamond, and the fire it shows as light passes through it. The diamond’s shape is also determined by the cut, and you may choose from oval, princess, marquis, pear and emerald cut.


Barkev Two-Tone Engagement Ring


Designer rings are unique, and can reflect the style of jewelry that she already appreciates. Using her existing jewelry as a basis, you can determine whether she would prefer a traditional or modern setting, and whether she would most love a white gold, yellow gold or platinum band. Platinum engagement rings are very popular today, and they have their own unique style that she may enjoy.