After over 40 years in business we’ve seen the engagement ring buying process shift from in-store purchases to online, especially in the past few years, and the question that always comes up is whether it’s best to buy an engagement ring from a jewelry store near you or is it better to buy an engagement ring online?

Imagine going into a car dealership and shopping for a new model, but they don’t have any of the cars available yet, so you’re stuck test-driving a similar car that may give you a taste though not the full experience. That’s exactly what people have been facing for many years when it comes to shopping for engagement rings.

At Barkev’s, we see a way to make it easier for online customers and launched a program where you can browse thousands of our unique engagement ring designs then see a sample at home before fully committing. All we require is a $200 deposit that’s fully refundable, we cover the shipping each way, and if you find the engagement ring of your dreams the $200 is credited towards your purchase.

As the world evolves we are too, and a mission for Barkev’s is to make the engagement ring buying experience as easy as possible while also being a source of information. We are here to help you.