Celebrities Say Yes to a Different Kind of Diamond

Black diamonds have been taking the jewelry market by storm along with other fancy diamond colors like canary yellow and pink this year.  Celebrities are stepping out in opposing fashion to what is typically seen on the red carpet.  They are saying out with the old, classic white diamonds and in with the new, fancy and chic black diamonds.

It only seems natural that black diamonds would become as popular as their best-selling white counterparts.  After all, black and white have been classic choices for celebrities and women worldwide who want to exude elegance when they appear at whatever event they are attending.  These celebrities have taken a risk by adorning their skin with such a bold color choice in jewels and, for most, their risk has paid off.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Perhaps one of the best known celebrity names since Sex and the City began to air, Sarah Jessica Parker has been a fashion icon to keep your eye on for years.  This year is no different as she continues to prove that different can be better.  Perhaps it was, indeed, her role on Sex and the City 2 that began her iconic look comprised of black diamonds.  Whatever the reason, fashion watchers worldwide are commending her breakout style in such a bold diamond choice.

Sarah Jessica Parker Necklace

In addition to the trendy, albeit uncommon, black diamond engagement ring her fictional character Carrie Bradshaw wore, compliments of her beau Big, she also stunned viewers with this delicate black diamond stand necklace designed by Italy Malkin.

 Engagement rings and necklaces worn by Sarah Jessica Parker and her fictional alter ego are not the only pieces of jewelry that celebrities are flaunting featuring black diamonds these days.  At the 2011 National Television Awards in 2011, Cheryl Cole proved that black diamonds were here to stay when she donned a black and white diamond fashion ring that was sure to make heads turn.

With prices of black diamonds being lower than their classic white counterparts, the jewelry market is sure to see a surge in their stock of black diamond jewelry and sales are certain to continue to rise.  What’s different is what people are looking for these days and black diamonds are another way to showcase your unique style while still dazzling in diamond jewelry.