Celebs Flaunt Upcoming Jewelry Trends

Anne Hathaway Jewelry

Keeping abreast of the latest jewelry trends is easier than ever. Celebrities live high-profile lives, making them the perfect advertisements for jewelers. Movie premiers, award shows, and fashion weeks provide the backdrop for the latest designs to be introduced to the masses. These star-studded events give previews for the season’s latest trends.

Movie premiers are a hotbed for jewelry. Hollywood starlets walk down the red carpet several times a year and are on display for paparazzi across the globe. Jewelry designers use this platform to show off their latest designs to create buzz. With so many premiers each year, there are multiple opportunities to see necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings in fashion magazines, blogs and on entertainment television shows.

Awards season is known for the glamorous gowns worn on the red carpet by A-list celebrities. But the jewelry at these events is often more stunning than the dresses. The annual Academy Awards ceremony is the highest-rated award show each year, and it is a must-see event for jewelry lovers. Each year, millions of fashion lovers tune in to catch glimpses of the latest contemporary and vintage designs, colored gem stones, sets and cuts that will define the season.

The runways of fashion week are another hotbed for trend-setting designs. The models are fitted with eye-catching jewelry pieces to complement couture outfits. Runway-side celebrities also wear the latest pieces, which shimmer for the paparazzi in attendance.