Celebs Showcase Stunning Emeralds

angelina jolie emeralds

Emeralds are rare and valuable gemstones with a brilliant green hue. The most desirable emeralds have a rich, green color and an even, translucent tone. These gleaming green gems have been spotted on celebrities ranging from Angelina Jolie to Amy Adams.

Angelina Jolie is credited with sparking the celebrity love affair with emeralds. Jolie paired an Elie Saab black sweetheart gown with a breathtaking pair of $2.5 million oversized teardrop emerald earrings at the Oscars in 2009. Her head-turning emeralds inspired quite a few celebs, who were spotted at subsequent events with glowing emerald jewels.

Red-headed vixen Amy Adams wore an estimated $1.35 million worth of jewelry at the 2011 Oscars, including a brilliant emerald pendant and a dazzling diamond and emerald bracelet. Adams’ platinum secret watch bracelet featured a mesmerizing 30.75 carat carved emerald and 575 diamonds with a total of 15.38 carats. The bracelet was valued at $1.025 million.

Annette Bening and Reese Witherspoon also stepped out with emerald earrings to the Oscars in 2011. Witherspoon wore 35-carat emerald teardrop earrings while Bening donned pear-shaped 66-carat Colombian emerald drop earrings valued at $4 million.

Actress Blake Lively wore stunning and sizeable emerald earrings to a Chanel dinner in her honor in the spring of 2011, making a style splash.