Checklist for the Perfect Wedding Proposal

Congratulations on making the decision to share your life with another person! What better way to start this amazing journey by making the wedding proposal one your partner will never forget.

Wedding proposals, however, can be as nerve-wracking as they are magickal; which is why we’ve been putting together a series of tips to help you focus on the memories instead of the organisational stress. 

Once you have found the right words for your perfect proposal, it’s time to move on to planning the actual day. Here’s a simple checklist of things you need to be aware of and prepare to make this moment an everlasting memory.

Let the family know

Sure, it’s kind of old fashioned to ask the family for their blessing, but traditions have held strong for generations for a reason. This is mostly a symbolic gesture but the symbolism carries great importance and will be greatly appreciated. You want to marry into this family and by asking for their blessing you are essentially asking for permission to enter the family and be counted as one of them. Asking the family before proposing is a sign of respect and a happy family makes Thanksgiving dinners go a lot smoother!

Choose the perfect ring

What most people don’t understand about engagement and wedding rings is that price range might be a factor, but it is not the most important one. The deciding factor is to find a ring that better suits your partner’s personality: is your partner bold and outgoing, a free spirited person? Then maybe a wedding ring featuring a halo cut is the perfect choice for her! Is your partner more of a sophisticated type, a bookworm that has a fondness of all things old? Then maybe a more vintage style wedding ring will sweep her of her feet!

Is she more of the traditional type? Then why not go with the timeless solitaire ring, boasting a classic, single diamond style, that will never go out of fashion! Do you think she is a person who values uniqueness and individuality above all? Then maybe you should get her a multi-diamond ring, one that is sure to draw attention and be unlike anything else.

Is she more or a rebel and unconventional? Then you can go for a black diamond ring or even a ring with different color stones. Take your time looking until you find the perfect match!

Find the ideal place

After picking out the perfect ring, it’s now time to plan the actual event. Is there a place that has special significance for the both of you? Maybe the restaurant you first met, or where you first kissed? Does she have a favorite place or did she ever tell you about a place she wants to visit but never the chance to do so? This is your chance to make the surprise even better! Restaurants and other entertainment venues regularly receive requests to make arrangements for wedding proposals so they can probably help you plan your special night and even make special arrangements just for you! Maybe prepare a special plate or a special drink, just for your partner? Or, if you are thinking bigger, do you have a favorite band? Do you plan to buy tickets to see them perform live? Then how about surprising your significant other by proposing to her on stage? There is lots you can do with the venue provided that you plan ahead and are not afraid to ask!

Book a photographer

How can you make this night even better? Get the ideal picture to share it with your friends and family! Photo studios and freelancing photographers can arrange to meet you at your desired venue and take professional photos of you before and after the proposal. The photographer can even record the whole proposal so you can watch the whole thing again together!  Be sure to book in advance though as there is a high demand for good photographers!

Clear the schedule

It’s hard to have a surprise for a special someone, if that special someone isn’t there! Check your partner’s calendar beforehand and make sure that she is available. It’s far better if you plan this as a night out so you can avoid any unexpected surprises such as your partner making last minute plans and ruining the surprise.