The big day is just a few months away. Every detail of your wedding is just like you always dreamt it and there is only one thing left; picking the perfect wedding bands for you and your partner-in-life!

The wedding bands tell your story. They are a testament to your love and as such it should reflect your personality. There are a lot of combinations and options for your wedding rings, making the process of picking out the perfect one for you even more exciting and challenging!

Should my ring be symbolic?
Your wedding bands are a symbol of unity, love and commitment so its design should reflect that uniqueness. It should tell a story, your story, on a level so intimate only you and your partner can fully understand. The wedding bands should be a symbol of your union and fortunately for you Barkev’s offers such a wide range of options and customisation, that you are bound to find something that goes showcases your individual self. Fine details in design and engravings are just two of the ways you can choose to find that small detail that makes your wedding band stand out. Check out this White and Blue Diamond band, an option that is guaranteed to make heads turn!

With precious stones or without?
A wedding band is usually not adorned with precious stones, but there are many possibilities to consider. Your personality will be the most deciding factor in whether or not you are going with the more classic look, or if you dare to differ.

If you prefer to go for simple elegance with a timeless design, then not using precious stones is the best option. The more minimalistic look can actually look better than an overly intricate wedding band. Like this White Gold wedding band.

If you are the kind of person that likes to stand out and is always after glamour and luxury, a bright precious stone will give you the look you are looking for! Try this tri color diamond band for size!

Does the metal matter?
Traditionally, wedding bands were made out of yellow gold (such as this stunning yellow gold diamond band) but nowadays there are many other options that are equally good. For example you can always go for rose gold metal to convey a more romantic feeling, ideal to showcase your wedding day emotions! This brilliant Rose Gold Criss Cross Wedding band is a perfect example. Modern wedding band designs take into consideration that clients want to have options when it comes to the band, so they are adapted to accommodate any metal choice.

What type of setting can I have on my wedding band?
The final detail to shape your perfect wedding ring is to decide on the type of setting. A prong setting is the most traditional one, although you can still be equally as glamorous with the right design, as in the case of this White Gold Eternity Diamond Band. The channel setting is the one mostly used for wedding bands, like this White and Rose gold Diamond band. Maybe you want something different so why not go for a magnificent bezel setting, to better showcase the stone. If you want the precious stone glow but don’t want to over do it, a pave setting can be your answer, since it makes precious stones barely visible but still keep the bling! Check out this stunning White Gold Domed Diamond wedding band!

Create your own!
Here at Barkev’s we know how important it is to get the perfect wedding band, so we made it easier for you to customise. Choose the design, choose the metal and pick out a setting that when put together will give a ring that will make you smile every time you glance at it! The most amazing symbol of your love and the perfect reminder for your perfect day!