Choosing a Necklace for your Neckline

A great necklace can make or break your entire outfit. The jewelry that you choose will differentiate you from the crowd when it comes to style. Not every piece, however, is meant to be worn with every outfit. You may have heard it said before that the entire look needs to be crafted to look like it is all going to the same party.

As you are creating your ultimate evening look, before you hit the door, stop long enough to give your outfit the once over and take the neckline test. One of the biggest factors that determine whether or not you are making the proper selection for your total package is the neckline of the outfit that you have chosen to wear. Each neckline has a specific set of necklaces that look best with it and if you follow that guide then there is almost no way to get it wrong.

Diamond PendantFirst, we look at the perfect options to pair with your v-neck top. The number one fashion mistake that people make when they are styling their v-neck is to choose an alternate shape. Do not try to style a v-neck with a round necklace. That combination looks off from the get go. Look for a necklace like a pendant that will fall simply into the “v” of the neckline.

If your outfit is strapless, then the perfect option is a chocker necklace that will add interest and draw the eyes upwards to the face. If you choose to wear a halter top, then your best option for jewelry is to not wear a necklace at all. Any necklace paired with your halter top will compete with the garment itself.

If your outfit has a boat neckline, then the most important thing to remember is to choose a necklace that is longer rather than shorter.A short necklace will compete with the neckline and throw off the balance of the entire look. Finally, if you have tops with a draped neckline then dainty is the way to go. Anything too long will fall into the drape and be lost in the process.

The neckline of your outfit is the largest factor in choosing the best necklace for your ensemble. Pair carefully and style well.