Choosing Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when it comes to selecting beautiful pieces of jewelry, that beauty can sometimes be determined based on the skin tone of the beholder. Skin tone impacts your jewelry choices in much the same way that it impacts your choices in fashion. The color of pieces is often altered based on the skin tone of the person wearing it, so it is not enough to find the piece that you think your loved one will like. You must also take into consideration what will look best with their skin tone as well.

Warm vs Cool Skin Tones

Skin tones typically fall into two categories: warm and cool. The first step in determining which pieces will look best is to identify whether you are a warm or cool skin tone. People with a warm skin tone often have a gold undertone whenever they look in the mirror. More often than not if you have a warm skin tone then you tan easily and have a higher resistance to sunburns. Your eyes are typically brown or hazel and your natural hair color will have a hint or red or strawberry blonde in it. On the other hand, cool skin tones have a rosy appearance in the mirror and are extremely susceptible to sunburns. Your hair color is usually blonde, black or brown and your eye color is either a brilliant blue or grey.

Barkev’s White Gold Green Tourmaline Pendant

Perfect Options for Every Skin Tone

Once you have identified what skin tone category that you or your loved one fall into, the real fun begins. It’s time to start jewelry shopping. If you have a warm skin tone your best metal options are yellow gold or copper. Those metals will appear more vibrant against the yellow undertone of your skin. Choose large necklaces that will serve as your go to statement pieces for both casual and dressy occasions. As far as gemstones are concerned, if you have a warm skin tone then opt for earth tones like green or shades of turquoise. Look for bright earth tone necklaces and rings like a square cut emerald or garnet with a diamond cluster surrounding it. If on the other you have a cool skin tone your best metal options are silver and platinum. The gemstones that look the best on people with cool skin tones are soft colors such as pink and purple. Amethyst stones are a beautiful choice for those with a cool skin tone.

Amethyst Pendant

Jewelry choices are a reflection of your own personal self expression. Although it is important to focus on choosing the options that will compliment you and your skin tone, the most essential factor in your selection is that you find the piece a stunning option. Part of pulling together the most effective look is to believe in yourself and rock your look with confidence and ease.