Choosing the Metal That is Right For You

Jewelry is like fashion, the options are endless and it’s hard to know where to start. The most important thing to remember when selecting jewelry for your collection is to ensure that the pieces match your style. Select pieces that you will envision yourself wearing on a regular basis and then have fun with it.


Silver can be done it either a classic style or paired with alternate pieces to convey a more modern look. The most important pieces to purchase in silver are a great statement necklace and a bracelet. If you plan on wearing them on a regular basis, you may also opt for a ring and earrings, but your wardrobe could function without them if necessary. You can always pair any jewelry with a pair of solitaire earrings. Diamonds go with everything.


Gold is a more traditional metal and is often the go to metal for a traditional look. As of late, people are capitalizing on the trend of mixing metals and are recycling some of those pieces that have long been tucked in the back recesses of the jewelry box.


Rose Gold

Rose gold is a more modern metal and is created by mixing copper and gold together to create either or a red or pink tinted metal. It looks phenomenal with some of the dark jewel tones that are abundant for fall and winter.


Pears are totally on trend when paired with a classic style like a tailored jacket and trousers, but can be styled in a modern fashion using a long necklace with a decorative knot in it. Now you can select any number of pearl options in both black and white and mix them with modern silhouettes to add flair.

Jewelry is about fun with fashion.  Don’t get so hung p on the rules and what goes with what that you forget to have fun in the process. So, go forth mix metals, wear bangles on a Tuesday. Find what makes your heart sing and sing like nobody is listening. After all, you would much rather be a fashion leader than a fashion follower wouldn’t you?