Costume Jewelry That Will Truly Trick Your Friends

The fashion industry is often about trickery. Buying items that look like they cost a fortune but that were actually on the clearance rack tend to rule the lives of those who dress to impress, and that is more than okay. From faux fur to bedazzling jewelry that we claim is real but just might not be, fashion is fierce and competitive. Because of this, it is essential to establish a collection of costume jewelry that your friends will want to borrow and show off, too! Make your search easier by considering these choices:

Classic Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Replica by CZ Sparkle Jewelry

This ring is only $48.00, but will have your friends exclaiming, “Wow! What a rock!” A simple sterling silver band takes a backseat to the showstopping cubic zirconia popping out of the middle, allowing for some looks of envy and some serious laughs from you because you know the truth, after all.


Women’s Multi-Layer Imitation Pearl Necklace from Light in the Box

Though somewhat of an oxymoron, vintage is the now. Pearls are a true testament of time, but they are not so kind to those on a budget. While you save away for a real set of pearls, consider purchasing these in the meantime for only $15.29. As they cascade from your neck, bask in the glory of all the compliments you will receive!


Cubic Zirconia Earrings from Nordstrom

A pair of diamond studs are a must for all women, but the price of the real thing leaves many without. For $48.00 at Nordstrom, though, you can have huge studs for not even a fraction of the price of what real diamonds would cost. Cubic zirconia is the way to go, but your friends do not have to know.


Givenchy Crystal Bracelet from Nordstrom

Bracelets are one of the easiest ways to make a fashion statement and also one of the best ways to pretend you have a collection of fancy jewelry. This $58.00 piece is silver with crystals surrounding a faceted stone. Its simplicity makes it believable and very versatile, meaning that you can wear it daily.


Split-Shank Ring from Palm Beach Jewelry

Even if you are not engaged nor planning to be anytime soon, this ring is something that you can wear daily. For $42.49, this piece is sure to have your friends asking why you have such an elaborate ring on your finger. Gold plated and cubic zirconia complete this authentic looking item.


Deco Leather Watch from Bling Jewelry

No pun intended, but watches are timeless. While a Rolex is unattainable for most, more affordable options exist that are just as stellar, like this $14.99 piece. Not only do the faux-diamonds look surprisingly real, but the customizable leather band does as well. While the funky colors are all fashionable, the white is the most ideal for outfit versatility.