Dangly Earrings Are Making a Surprise Comeback

Are drop and dangle earrings back? Yes, they are and they’re better than ever! Of course, the timeless classics that you inherited from your mom are still loved and adored, but you can find the latest and greatest in fashion magazines, on commercials and runways everywhere. In case you’re not sure what the fuss is all about, let’s take a short trip down memory lane to look at the previous, and now, re-emerging, the popularity of dangle earrings.

The trend of wearing dangle earrings started in ancient Egypt and was used as a sign of one’s status and wealth. As time progressed, earrings continued to be a marker of status and hairstyles were even manipulated in such a way that showed a woman’s earrings so that everyone could know her level in society. Then, there was a time when hair dressing styles changed, thus, the popularity of dangle and drop earrings drastically decreased. But, now, they are here to stay!

Types of Dangle Earrings

Dangle and drop earrings come in a variety of colors, styles, and lengths that can fit any outfit. The fanciest are diamond drop and dangles because they add an elegant touch to formal gowns, suits, and cocktail dresses. When paired with an updo, these accessories can easily become the highlight of any ensemble. Chandelier earrings, a more opulent form of the diamond drop, can also really add a posh touch to your outfit.

If you’re looking for a more fun, pop-of-color look, dangle earrings that have balls, fabric, and beads can provide just that. These types of earring pair well with summer attire, statement pieces, and anything brightly colored that needs an accompanying flashy accessory.

Beaded drop earrings are great for completing the bohemian-chic vibe and help to make earth tones pop. Though they can be worn during any time of the year, these tend to be a fashionista favorite in fall when beaded and stone jewelry is in high demand.

The Return of Dangle and Drop Earrings’ Popularity

If it hasn’t been said already, drop and dangle earrings are back by popular demand. It is clear that they have become a favorite, again, as they can be found on many red carpets, at premieres, on shopping avenues, and on the girl next door. You can flip through any fashion magazine or search any fashion-related site and find a variety of these types of earrings, in both classic and modern styles.

Drop and dangle earrings have also made an appearance in the DIY world and are a favorite among jewelry-makers or as a group project for when the girls get together. While this style of earring is available just about anywhere, a great place to find specialty dangle earrings is with DIYers or at jewelry shows. Many women like to stand out from the rest with their clothes and accessories, and this is a sure-fire way to achieve just that. As many retro styles are beginning to show up in today’s fashion, drop and dangle earrings are one piece that is sure to be around for a long time.