Diamond 101: What you need to know before buying jewelry?

Shopping for a diamond can be one of the most intimidating and exciting experiences or your life. It is not everyday that you celebrate a milestone that requires the purchase of a diamond; therefore it is important to school yourself in the diamond category before you enter the jewelry store. The following information is the down and dirty for everything you need to know to pick the perfect stone.


The cut of the diamond refers to the proportions, polish, and finish of a faceted diamond. It is the most important of the 4 C’s when it comes to determining the value of a diamond.


The color of your diamond is determined based on the level of chemical impurities within the stone. A perfect diamond will have no impurities. Diamond colors are as varied as the colors of the rainbow itself.


The clarity of a diamond refers to the presence of identifying characteristics on and within the stone itself.


The setting refers to the metal mounting holding the polished diamond in place.

A prong setting refers to a setting that is held in place with tines that are referred to as prongs. This setting is the most widely used setting in the industry and is most popular with solitaire engagement rings.

A channel setting refers to rows of stones that are of the same dimension that are then fitted into a metal channel.

Metal Choices

Platinum is a great metal choice in that it is extremely durable and does not fade or tarnish. Platinum has increased in popularity as of late as more prides to be are looking for ways to express their individual style.

White Gold is pure gold alloyed with palladium, zinc or nickel. This combination of metal actually makes this option stronger than yellow gold.

Rose Gold:  is another emerging trend in the jewelry business. It is created by mixing pure yellow gold and copper and results in a pink or red tint.

Celebrate your love by investing some time in getting the 411 on diamonds and get ready to wow your significant other with the mad skills you exhibit in choosing the perfect stone.