How to Dress With a Variety of Gold Colors

If you are lucky enough to have a large assortment of gold jewelry, you probably like to mix and match your jewelry with other pieces of jewelry and with a variety of outfits.  Jewelry is just one of many ways to make a fashion statement and sometimes those statements go well and at other times they don’t, as in the case of many fashion shows dedicated to critiquing celebrity styles at major events.  Some gold colors pair well with just about any color in your wardrobe while some should be paired more strategically for a rich look.

White Gold

Because white gold is a cold metal and it reflects a lot of the colors in its vicinity, white gold is probably the most versatile of all of the gold colors.  However, white gold does stand out considerably against darker colors like black, navy, and darker shades of brown.  So, if you desire to make a more subtle statement with your jewelry, you might want to avoid wearing white gold with any of those colors as there will be a stark contrast.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has quite a lengthy history of standing for richness, royalty, and wealth.  The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt favored the color of yellow gold because they tended to pair it with ornate garments and headwear.  In more modern times yellow gold has been fashioned into a form of currency and the United States Government still houses quite a large sum of solid gold for good reason as well: it’s valuable.  And if you’ve been watching the gold market lately, you’ve noticed that gold prices are on the rise.  For this reason, if you wish to make a statement regarding your wealth, prestige, or power, yellow gold is great for making this kind of statement.  It pairs well with almost any color but should be worn with warmer tones such as yellow and orange for a more subtle look.

Rose Gold

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Rose gold can be the most difficult gold color to wear.  First of all, its widespread appeal is one that is relatively new to the gold market.  Second of all, it doesn’t quite possess the richness of yellow cold and it’s not as cold or reflective as white gold.  Many people who wear rose gold like to pair it with other colors that are reminiscent of the fall since it is such an apt choice depicting the change of seasons.  Rose gold, then, could be worn with yellow, orange, burgundy, and many of the colors in the jewel tone family.

Many people wear some pieces of jewelry on a regular basis, like wedding rings.  While you certainly don’t have to have wedding and engagement rings in every color of the gold spectrum, you might choose to be more mindful of which color of gold jewelry you select based on the type of function you’re attending and the other colors you intend to wear.