The Dubai Gold Souk

The Dubai Gold Souk is a jewelry lover's paradise, with world class diamonds and precious gems for sale in an extensive array or styles.

Dubai is a renowned Middle East destination known as the playground for the rich. The desert gem rose to international prominence due to its futuristic architecture, lavish attractions and opulent lifestyle. The United Arab Emirates’ most famous city is also a top destination for jewelry lovers. In fact, Dubai’s legendary jewelry prowess has led to it being dubbed “the City of Gold.”

Dubai’s main trading district for jewelry is the dazzling Dubai Gold Souk, an open-air market nestled along the narrow alleyways of the old Deira area. The marketplace gained notoriety in the 1940s after the government lessened restrictions on free trade. Today, the district is a popular spot for tourists looking to score fine jewelry products at deeply discounted prices.

The Dubai Gold Souk is home to approximately 300 retailers that supply the majority of the Middle East’s jewelry. The district is the second largest distributor of gold bullion in the world. According to industry estimates, 95% of the yellow gold sold at the Dubai Gold Souk is 21 karat, while the remaining 5% is 18 karat. The Dubai Gold Souk is strictly regulated by the government; therefore, the jewelry sold there is genuine.

The Dubai Gold Souk offers a staggering selection of wrist and foot bangles, necklaces, amulets, rings and pendants that feature a distinct Middle Eastern flair. Retailers also offer impressive selections of diamonds, platinum and sterling silver jewelry.  The jewelry is so glamorous that it is routinely featured in Bollywood films, where it is worn by India’s biggest stars.

If you find yourself in Dubai with a little time to kill, spend the day at the Dubai Gold Souk. Whether you are in the market for jewelry, or are simply looking for an interesting place to people-watch, the marketplace is among the city’s must-see attractions.

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