There’s something to be said about getting engaged, married and spending your life with the person you love and along that path there are times where you want to keep the excitement alive and celebrate milestones, which is where eternity bands shine.

Whether you’re throwing a party for your anniversary or spending time together as a family before your first kid goes off to college, that time together is what’s most important and what eternity bands resemble.

Over the past 40+ years in business and being recognized as a leading jewelry designer, these are some of the most common questions we get related to eternity bands:
When should you give an eternity ring?
How do I choose an eternity band?
Can you wear an eternity ring everyday?

And though we wish we could answer these questions like a psychic with the ability to predict the future, we just can’t, and that’s why it’s up to you in understanding your life/relationship. Then when it comes to buying an eternity band we are here to help you every step of the way.