It’s already the season to be jolly. So why not add to the enchanting air of joy and celebration that surrounds Christmas and New Year, with a romantic wedding proposal to melt hearts. The festive period will never feel so special. 

To help you on your way to the perfect holiday proposal, here are some of our favorite ways to get down on one knee and pop that all-important question. 

The Christmas Tree Proposal

There’s nothing more festive than a Christmas tree lit up with twinkling fairy lights, so use this magic to fuel the romance by hiding the engagement ring under the tree as a surprise gift for your special someone. Or get creative by redecorating the tree to include cute messages to your partner, with the ring cleverly hidden inside one of these notes. 

TOP TIP: Engagement rings are one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry you will ever own so make sure the box or ring is hidden safely where they won’t get lost!

The Netflix and Chill Proposal

While some couples go all out with extravagant proposals, it’s important to make sure your plans suit your interests and lifestyles. So, if warm, cozy evenings at home, snuggling up together on the sofa with a good glass of wine and a movie is your idea of perfection, why not transform the moment into one that neither of you will ever forget. 

TOP TIP: Make the proposal unique by putting the engagement ring around the top of the wine bottle, so as you pour it out, the sparkler will fall into the glass.

The Snow Proposal

If you get lucky with a white Christmas, use it to add a festive touch of winter to your perfect proposal, by spelling out Will You Marry Me in the snow.

TOP TIP: Have a bottle of bubbly chilling next to the letters to celebrate in style once your significant other says yes.

The Stroke of Midnight Proposal 

New Year is all about new beginnings – making it the perfect time to pop the question and start the next chapter of your lives together. Use the countdown to tell your beloved how much you adore them; then as the clock strikes 12 get down on one knee and utter those four words that will change your lives forever. 

TOP TIP: If you are at a party, find yourselves a quiet corner away from the countdown madness to pop the question. It’s also a good idea to let your host or hostess know your plans, so they can be ready with the champagne on ice once you get your “YES!”

The Fireworks Proposal

For a really extraordinary proposal that shows an extra special touch of romance, get customized New Year’s fireworks that spell out ‘Will you Marry Me’ in sparkling pyrotechnic lights, twinkling against the winter’s night sky. If that doesn’t catch your partner’s eye we don’t know what will!

TOP TIP: Make it extra special by creating a beautiful place to watch the fireworks together. Think rugs, blankets, cushions, candles and a hamper with champagne on ice.

And don’t let your lack of engagement ring hold you back from that perfect festive season proposal. Barkev’s can send a temporary ring to use for the big question, and you can choose your actual bands together once you’ve got that YES!