Where to Find High End High Fashion Black Diamond Jewelry

Every time a novel piece of jewelry becomes popular, mainstream culture wants to know how they can own a piece of it.  It’s no surprise that since black diamonds began to build in popularity, more jewelry companies began to market and sell these new items.  Here are some interesting places that sell black diamond jewelry.

NBA Jewelry

Dallas Mavericks W Series in Black and White Diamonds on a 30” Gold Chain $14,400

Sports fans all across the nation love to show their pride in their teams by wearing jewelry, painting their faces, and showcasing memorabilia in their homes in recognition of great feats accomplished by their beloved athletes and teams.  Of course men aren’t the only people in this country who have pride in their sports teams and jewelry companies are starting to capitalize on that. Leor Jewelry & Timepieces out of Las Vegas, Nevada is one of many companies offering NBA stylized jewelry that features black diamonds.  Gameplan Jewelry is the manufacturer of this new jewelry and they offer it in two lines: the W line beginning at $8,800 and the B series starting at $1,800.  Only the W series carries jewelry made with these iconic black stones.

Asprey Protector Collection: Designed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Serpent-inspired Black Diamond Jewelry

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have endeavored to support numerous charities throughout their relationship together.  One of their charity events led them to create a line of serpent-inspired black diamond jewelry and accessories for Asprey in London.  The featured piece of the collection is an $11,000 pair of black diamond, emerald, and white gold serpent cufflinks.  In addition, the cufflinks also match rings, earrings, and a pendant in the women’s collection of the line.  The line is inspired by Jolie’s vision of the serpent as a protector of the family.