Should I Give Jewelry as a Gift?

Give gifting is a must on many occasions. The right gift is a great way to express all sorts of emotions including gratitude and happiness. Finding the right gift is often a complicated process. Many kinds of gifts are available including flowers, chocolates and electronics. One of the most popular kinds of gifts is that of jewelry. While jewelry is a standard present for specific occasions such as an engagement, many people wonder if they should give jewelry as a gift on other occasions. In general, this depends on the circumstances. Certain occasions may be more appropriate than others when it comes to giving jewelry. It’s a good idea to understand when doing so is appropriate as the right gift can make everyone involved happy.

Birth and Graduation

Upon the birth of a child, jewelry can be just right. A small pearl necklace is an excellent thing for a new child that she can wear as she gets older. When someone graduates from high school or earns a college degree is another time to celebrate. Parents may choose to purchase a class ring as a symbol of achievement for their son or daughter. A lovely piece of jewelry makes an excellent choice of present for a graduate. An item that can be worn every single day is a good idea. For example, a piece such as a silver necklace or a thin gold chain with a stone such as a diamond or a few opals is understated and elegant. This is the perfect thing as the graduate heads into the workforce.

A Wedding Present

Weddings are another happy occasion. Wedding guests may be at a loss in deciding what to buy. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that jewelry is always fashionable. A bride can give beautiful pieces of jewelry designed specifically by the bride as a memento of the day. Guests can also give the bride items of jewelry. A ring, necklace or pendant is always appreciated by any bride on her special day. If you know her well, think about what kinds of colors and styles you know she likes. A bride with a more modern dress may appreciate a contemporary piece while one with more old-fashioned tastes will adore a traditional piece of jewelry.


A birthday is an ideal time to give jewelry. Many women cherish presents they get from a spouse on this date. Look for a piece that matches the woman’s personal style and her best features well. For example, a young woman with dark hair may look great with a silver necklace. A woman with golden hair will look fabulous with a pendant in shades of gold. A woman may have a favorite color. Someone with bright blue eyes will look fabulous with a piece of jewelry in turquoise or one in sapphires. If she loves red, give her a ruby necklace. A special birthday is even more special when you give someone a piece of jewelry you know they’ll wear for many years to come.