Shopping around for an engagement ring is on every girl’s bucket list, especially when things become serious and the timing is right, but finding the dream engagement ring isn’t easy and after being a leader in designing unique engagement rings for many years we are here to help you on the path.

Do you prefer simple or complex designs? Modern or vintage? Do you like diamonds on the sides of the ring or do you prefer a solitaire?

To help you decide on these factors and others, this brief article will touch on the many facets of halo engagement rings and will also serve as an introductory guide to the endless possibilities of engagement rings for any budget preference.

Halo engagement rings are the perfect selection for those who love both classic elegance and modern designs. These rings present a world of style that can be fashioned into endless complementary settings.

Ring Parts & Settings

To fully understand what a halo engagement ring means, we must first cover the basics. We all know that every engagement ring is crafted with fine metals and feature various types of gemstones and diamonds, but what are the main components that make up an engagement ring?

The shank or band is the main body of the ring that sits directly on the finger. The shank is always custom made with a certain finger size for comfort fit and convenience. The shank itself can be plain as in a solitaire, or it can be set with small diamond or gemstone melees.

The setting of a ring is the main center stone design. It dictates what type of large diamond or gemstone that will fit in the middle of the ring. A princess cut setting for example, specifies that the ring is designed to fit a princess cut center stone.

Other engagement ring components include the bridge and gallery. It’s worth noting that these are not always present and are solely dictated by the design of the ring.

The bridge of a ring is the part underneath the center that looks like a typical bridge connecting the left and the right side as it arches over your finger.

The gallery of a ring is the part right under the center stone that commonly features some type of design, motif or unique element. The gallery design is mostly appreciated when viewing an engagement ring from the side.

Halo Engagement Ring Designs

Now that we know every component of a ring, let’s discuss what makes a halo engagement ring so unique. This stunning style features a center setting surrounded by smaller diamonds or gemstones hence the word “halo”.

Halo diamond rings are eye catching, luxurious and sparkle ever so brilliantly as the center diamond appears larger with a halo of smaller set diamonds surrounding it.
Halo designs can be large or small and can feature single or double halos and are made for the most popular stone shapes. Halo diamond engagement rings come in pear, marquise, round, princess, cushion cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, and many more.

History Of Halo Settings

Halo engagement rings have been around for a very long time, with some saying they were first introduced during the early Georgian era (1714-1837) and gained more popularity during the Victorian times (1837-1901).

Halo settings never really went out of fashion, but rather have always been a popular choice for engagement rings. These wondrous styles embrace the look of antiquity along with a modern twist merging the two into a blend of timeless glamour.

Are Halo Rings Tacky?

We don’t think so! These gorgeous designs are appreciated by people of all ages because of their distinctive style, ornate detailing and sleek look.

Whether you’re a young bride to be or a person that’s been married for a long time, a halo engagement ring is the perfect choice to either tie the knot or refresh the everlasting love you share with your special someone.

It’s a classic and timeless design that’s been with us for decades and will always be appreciated by generations to come.

What Is a Double or Triple Halo Engagement Ring?

A double or triple halo engagement ring is a regular halo ring with the addition of an extra halo or two around the center stone! This stacking effect gives the engagement ring a dramatic and show stopping look.

Not only does it enhance the look and glamour of the center stone, but it also sparkles extremely bright and delivers a show stopping statement.

What Halo Engagement Ring Shape Should I Buy?

Choosing the shape of your halo engagement ring should be based on your preference. As mentioned earlier, halo engagement rings come in many different styles so you’re bound to find the perfect design for your desired center stone shape.

Are Halo Rings Going Out of Style?

We highly doubt that. As mentioned above, this ring setting style has endured the test of time and has been popular since the art deco era. At Barkev’s we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and experimenting with blending the classic halo with modern twists to create the next wave of modern halo engagement rings.

Can You Use Your Birthstone in A Halo Engagement Ring?

Yes absolutely! Whether your birthstone is a sapphire, ruby or any other semi-precious or precious gemstone, you can customize your birthstone halo engagement ring to give it a unique flair and show off your favorite gemstone as either the center, halo or both.

What Does a Halo Engagement Ring Say About You?

It shows off your unique personality as well as your love for a sophisticated blend between old and new. It’s also good to point out that the color of the metal plays a major role in portraying a certain image. A yellow gold halo ring reflects a more traditional or classic look, where as a rose gold or 14k white gold ring might reflect a more modern look.

In general, out of all the ring styles out there, a halo engagement ring stands out as being an extremely unique and glamorous design.

What Is the Difference Between a Cluster and Halo Setting?

They are completely different settings and do not have the same appearance. Halo rings are generally more understated when it comes to stone placement and mounting. Some halo engagement rings may be considered a type of cluster setting because of the many stones placed next to each other, but fundamentally, they are different.

Cluster rings are frequently categorized as a cocktail or a style of an anniversary ring. These impressive designs may also contain colored stones, diamonds, and others. Clusters are very decadent, over-the-top, and striking, with many stones often prong set in a cascading, artfully arranged wave in a raised setting.

Cluster rings are often considered to be everyday rings with a small spattering of diamond and gems in a petite formation. The larger, show-stopping styles are perfect for formal events or engagement rings.

Buying a Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Now that you’ve decided on a style you like, the next step is to actually purchase the engagement ring you’ve envisioned and we are here to help you on that journey. Whether it’s a halo diamond engagement ring or any other type of ring, we’re here to help!