It’s Christmas, and that means taking the time to get special and meaningful gifts for your loved ones, to show them how much you care. And the gifts you choose matter – especially when it comes to finding something special for that special girl in your life. 

So, if you are desperately searching the internet for ‘best gifts to buy my girlfriend this Christmas’, look no further. Barkev’s has put together a definitive holiday gift guide of exclusive gifts that are sure to delight your lady love this festive season. 

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Necklace

Show your girlfriend how much you love her this Christmas with this beautifully elegant and delicately feminine necklace of blue sapphire and diamonds. The chic minimal design allows the precious gemstones to really shine with a brilliance that is guaranteed to catch the eye. And if blue isn’t her color, you can customize the piece with a gemstone center of your choice – from alluring purple amethyst to seductive deep red ruby – take your pick, or perhaps match the gemstone to the color of her eyes to add a personal touch to a gift that is sure to thrill. 

White Gold Diamond Heart Necklace

Are you wondering how to show your girlfriend you love her this Christmas without being too corny? Heart shaped jewelry can be a little obvious at times. But this stylish, modern design – with its curling white gold ribbons entwined in a diamond encrusted heart – is subtle, chic and elegant. She’s sure to know how you feel after opening this gift, and the glittering diamonds will add the perfect touch of festive shimmer to any Christmas look. This beautifully artistic design is also available in warm and romantic rose gold and diamonds, or a unique and complimentary mix of yellow gold and diamonds.


Nothing is more timelessly elegant than a classic pair of diamond stud earrings – the perfect Christmas gift for a girl who deserves some extra sparkle in her life! As versatile as they are chic, these stunning earrings work with any look and for all occasions. Whether that’s a corporate office event, a casual Sunday Funday with friends, or a black-tie affair. The delicate white gold setting perfectly complements the highly polished 1.00 carat diamonds which glitter in the light with a luminous brilliance that catches the eye. Never has a pair of studs been so special. And for the girl who likes a pop of color, these earrings can be customized with different gemstones, like festive green tourmaline, brilliant blue aquamarine, sultry black diamonds or fiery orange citrine

Moissanite Tennis Bracelet

Looking for the shimmer and sparkle of a diamond at a more affordable price? This gorgeous moissanite bracelet shines as bright as the precious stone they call a ‘girl’s best friend’. But without the hefty price tag which can make diamonds unaffordable for some. Delicate and feminine, this eye-catching piece brings the bling, while still being understated and elegant. And with shimmer and sparkle like this on her arm, your beautiful girlfriend will feel like a million dollars regardless of the reasonable price tag. 

For more Christmas gift ideas for the people you love this festive season, head online and browse our collection of exquisite jewels and exclusive pieces today.