One question that always comes up is how much should you spend on an engagement ring, and studies over the years show the numbers fluctuate, though when it comes to building your life with someone what you spend on the engagement ring itself shouldn’t be the priority – instead what are your priorities as a family?

For example, we have been industry-recognized designers of engagement rings for over 40 years and recently noticed lab grown diamond engagement rings are outselling natural diamonds on a large scale, which shows a total shift in the jewelry industry, and something we’ve experienced firsthand. But it makes sense.

Nowadays, especially with the rise in entrepreneurship, tech and other areas, couples are thinking more towards the future and that includes where to put their money in a smart way. Like saving $10k on getting a lab grown vs natural diamond engagement ring then using that towards purchasing your first house as a couple, starting a company together, etc.

The point is, don’t focus on what you should spend on an engagement ring. Look at where you want to be in the future.