Keeping that spark of romance alive can – at times – be challenging, even the most loved-up couples. Such as when they are forced to stay home for extended periods of time, put under lockdown or quarantine, and restricted from doing normal everyday activities.

But instead of pining for the excitement of pre-lockdown date nights out, now is the time to get creative and invent new ways to spend quality time together – and stay safe at the same time. Here are Barkev’s ideas for date nights at home in the age of lockdown.

Stay-At-Home Picnic

Recreate the simple pleasures and nostalgic romance of a picnic from the comfort of your own home. All you need is to find the perfect picnic spot in your house, garden, balcony or even rooftop. Next, make the space as cosy, inviting and romantic as you can. Think rugs, blankets, candles and plenty of cushions.  All that’s left is to pack a hamper full of goodies to enjoy together. 

Cooking Classes

Cooking for yourself on a date night might not seem like everyone’s idea of romantic. But with lockdown and quarantine restricting restaurant outings, it’s time to spice things up and get creative in the kitchen. Pick a recipe you’ve never cooked before, and work together to create something restaurant-worthy for a special meal at home. Nothing screams long-lasting romance than a bit of culinary teamwork! 

Home Spa Day 

What could be more romantic than setting up a home spa and treating each other to a sensually indulgent massage? Perfect for couples trying to save money for that perfect engagement ring, a spa night at home during lockdown is a wallet-friendly alternative to costly spa trips. And as an added bonus – you stay safe! All you’ll need is some candles to set the mood and delicious smelling massage oil. Quarantine never looked this sexy.

Movie Screening Night

Lockdown doesn’t have to be an endless stream of nights spent Netflix and chilling (literally) on the sofa. Instead, why not take things up a notch by recreating your favourite cinema date night at home. To do it properly you’ll need a projector and a blank wall or white sheet to screen your film of choice onto. Then get creative making a cosy private viewing corner to snuggle up in together. Start popping that homemade popcorn and you’re all ready, set, action! 

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