How to Select the Perfect Teardrop Earring

The jewelry that you choose to pair with your fashion conquests is like the icing that you would put on the proverbial cake. If you want to elevate your style to the next fashion level then you need to choose that jewelry well.

Jewelry is a way to draw attention to your best features and provide some insight into your personality and style preferences. One of those pieces that require such careful consideration is the teardrop earring. In much the same way that you consider your body shape when you are selecting fashion to wear, when you are making your jewelry selections you need to consider the shape of your face.

There are several face shapes that can rock a teardrop earring in style. If you have a round face, then the teardrop earring is the one for you. Earrings that dangle will draw attention to your cheekbones and jawline as well as help balance out your forehead. Along those same lines, if your face has a heart shape, you can still find a great teardrop earring that is perfect for you. In addition to considering the shape of your face, when you are selecting your teardrop earring, you need to focus on the outfit that you intend to wear the teardrop earring to.

When you choose jewelry to coordinate with your wardrobe, you need to remember that both pieces need to look like they are going to the same party if you are going to achieve a polished look. Take into account the color of the garment as you are selecting the color of the stone and the setting of your teardrop earring. Consider pairing your ensemble with a complimentary colored stone. The contrast in color will help add interest and style to your look.