The act of proposing to someone you love can be a total surprise, though many times couples have been together for years or feel close enough to talk about their future, including getting married and building a life together, so when the engagement ring conversation comes up you can work together as a team to create your dream ring before the proposal occurs.

To some this may sound backwards because you’re ruining the surprise, but the real surprise was you first coming together, loving each other then deciding to take things to the next level. The ring is a byproduct of that and something you should both be happy with from the design to the gemstones (e.g. natural vs lab grown diamonds) and a variety of other factors.

When we first launched Barkev’s 40 years ago to focus on designing memorable, unique engagement rings we could never have imagined how the world would evolve up until today, and that includes not only couples coming together to try on engagement rings but also the way they experience the process of buying an engagement ring. Something we are revolutionizing.

Imagine having the ability to browse thousands of engagement ring designs online and instead of driving to local jewelers that specialize in engagement rings hoping to find what your heart desires, you can experience them in the comfort of your home with free shipping each way. That is the Barkev’s experience.

To answer the initial question around is it normal to try on engagement rings the answer is yes, especially nowadays. And we are here to help you along the way.