Is Mischa Barton Really Wearing a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Mischa Barton displays a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Recently, actress Mischa Barton, 26, was seen with a stunning diamond ring placed upon her engagement finger leading many to believe that this is not just any ring but perhaps a diamond engagement ring. Who is the lucky man? Well it has been speculated that Sebastian Knapp, 26, is the lucky man. The “28 Days Later” actor and Miss Barton have reportedly been dating the past few months.

It has been reported that Mischa was all smiles as she arrived for a recent party for the play “Steel Magnolias” and why wouldn’t she be with a stunning diamond engagement ring and a wedding on the horizon?  She also made no attempt at trying to hide the stunning diamond engagement ring  and, in fact, gave the group of photographers a clear shot of the possible diamond engagement ring.

Mischa Barton’s Diamond Engagement Ring Details

The details of the diamond engagement ring have not fully been released. However, it appears that it is a round cut solitaire diamond on a plain platinum band.  It is of a stunning size and exquisite crystal clear color.

Is Micha Really Going to Say “I do”?


It is no secret that the former “The OC” star has been unlucky in love and actually swore off men for a while just prior to starting to date Knapp. Although she is sporting a beautiful diamond engagement ring it has been reported that the couple is not planning a wedding just yet. Evidently a rep made a statement that Mischa was apparently wearing the diamond engagment ring as a part of her wardrobe for the opening night of her up and coming play, “Steel Magnolias”. However, it seems a little unusual that she would actually continue to stay “in costume” by wearing the diamond ring on her engagement ring finger.

So, we will just have to continue to wait and see whether Mischa and Sebastian are really going to tie the knot and if this huge diamond engagement ring is the real deal.