Similar to most things in life there are products ranging from cars to jewelry that are built with quality in mind, and when it comes to engagement and wedding rings we often get questions as to whether rose gold is high-quality?

First and foremost, rose gold itself is a blend of metals including gold that gives off a stunning pinkish hue and just because it’s not conventional – like white or yellow gold – doesn’t mean it’s less valuable or lower quality.

As one example of how behaviors and interests are changing, it was cool to see Apple release a rose gold iPhone among only a few other color options at the time, which is a clear indicator of how popular rose gold really is.

The true value in rose gold jewelry comes from how it’s applied/integrated into designs and the uniqueness of them. And that’s why some of the most iconic watch brands and jewelers see tons of sales around their rose gold products.

Looking at different colors of gold, rose gold is just another option you can choose depending on your (or your significant others) style and personal preference. It all comes down to that.

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